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Just a few days back we ran a story on a picture of a Wii demo kiosk. The picture has turned out to be true, due to numerous sources who have informed me. The same image shows up in a packet sent out to EB/Gamestop employees to get them ready for the unit. I am glad to hear that it turned out to be real, I really like the look of it!


Now I have some info from an insider, info that I do indeed trust. Take this as unconfirmed for now, simply because this is a case of me trusting my source. I have heard that this same packet states that EB/Gamestop can expect to have their Wii demo kiosks up and running by the end of October. On top of that, my source told me that it is actually looking more like mid October, contrary to what is printed in the packet.

Wii demo kiosks in October…I have never disliked September so much!

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