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Bam. Media blackout on that until you tell us otherwise.

World of Goo - more details (retail copy delayed in Europe, WiiWare version hits NA this year)

- Euro publisher is RTL Games
- Final retail price: 39,99€
- delayed to Q1 2009 for Europe
- NA to see WiiWare release this year
- new chapter added: The Moon
- each chapter has a unique theme (fanboyism, marketing, other tongue-in-cheek themes)
- 50+ levels.
- Online leaderboards: your stats are represented by a cloud on the Tower of Goo.
- Info shown: country with a flag, score, position, height
- one of the devs is provides voices for the game
- no Wiimote speaker use, dev team doesn’t like it
- rumble supported
- TV advertisements being discussed (most likely for retail version)
- Nintendo has been “wonderful” and “Very honest”
- 4 player co-op remains intact


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