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Press release - Donkey Kong Jenga hits in October

Carlsbad, CA – September 16, 2008 – JENGA® DONKEY KONG™: Collector’s Edition gives fans the chance to spin, balance and build their way to the top to save Pauline from DONKEY KONG. Donkey Kong Jenga is the first and only game that allows fans to experience Jenga’s “hold on to your seat” excitement with a classic Donkey Kong video game twist, which puts players to the task of saving Pauline from Donkey Kong using Mario playing pieces.

Made by USAOPOLY under license from Pokonobe Associates and Nintendo, this Collector’s Edition features 54 black hardwood blocks decked out with the iconic Donkey Kong girders. Build your custom Donkey Kong Jenga tower the traditional way or climb the girders with your MarioTM mover and save Pauline from Donkey Kong in a new and even more challenging way to play Jenga. Mario, Donkey Kong and Pauline playing pieces and a custom Donkey Kong spinner are included for alternate game play. Either way you play you are guaranteed edge-of-your-seat fun!

JENGA® DONKEY KONG™: Collector’s Edition is appropriate for ages 6 and older and appeals to Jenga and Donkey Kong fans everywhere. This collector’s edition will debut in October 2008, just in time for the holidays. The game will be available at National Retailers such as Barnes & Noble, FAO Schwarz, Thinker Toys, Nintendo of America Stores, Games N More, UrbanOutfitters,com, Amazon.com, and Gamestop.com. JENGA® DONKEY KONG™: Collector’s Edition takes us back to the days of the traditional Donkey Kong game…with a twist! Suggested retail is $24.95.

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