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EEDAR and GameTrailers announce partnership to deliver insights on the impact of video game media on marketing

CARLSBAD, Calif. - Feb. 17, 2009 - Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR), a business intelligence and research firm specializing in the video game industry, today announced the establishment of a partnership with GameTrailers.com, the premier online destination for video for gamers, to provide detailed insights into the relationship of video game media, consumer awareness and market success.

In 2008, tens of thousands of pieces of video game media were released on GameTrailers.com resulting in over 900 million cumulative views; an increase of 70% over 2007 (Source: GameTrailers StreamStats). Research conducted by EEDAR in 2008 identified that - for the majority of current generation video game titles - trailers had a stronger correlation with increased retail sales than demos, while also being less disruptive to the game development process.

“The role of the video game trailer has become increasingly important as consumers more frequently leverage the Internet and online console experiences to research game titles before making a purchase decision,” said EEDAR Executive Chairman, Gregory Short. “Through partnering with GameTrailers, the number one Internet destination for video game media, EEDAR has gained a valuable ally towards our goal of supplying the video game industry with comprehensive, factual data to help maximize efficiency and enable more informed decision making.”

The partnership will combine data from the GameTrailers’ StreamStats service with EEDAR’s proprietary database of video game features, covering more than eight thousand historical game titles. Delivered via EEDAR’s web-based GamePulse™ service, industry professionals will have access to rapid, quantitative data in areas such as consumer awareness, franchise strength, genre interest levels and publisher mind-share.

“We are thrilled to partner with EEDAR to provide more evidence as to how essential video is for marketing video games,” said Brad Winters, general manager of GameTrailers.com. “StreamStats is a powerful analytics tool that allows game industry insiders the ability to gauge user interest and purchase intent for upcoming video games. StreamStats combined with EEDAR’s GamePulse will provide invaluable insight into the state of the video game industry.”

In addition to the data integration, GamePulse will also incorporate the ability to view trailers directly, increasing the efficiency of marketing agencies and industry professionals in their daily duties.

Subscribers to EEDAR’s web-based GamePulse information service will be able to access the GameTrailers integration in March 2009.

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