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RUMOR - UK about to see DS bundles only, Silver and White DS Lites to be discontinued?

I have been contacted by a trusted source within the retail industry. He’s given me a bit of information concerning sales of the DS Lite that I wanted to pass onto you.

Earlier today, we learned that Nintendo was upping the price of the Wii in the UK. Now, it looks like they might be doing the same thing for the DS. Rumor has it that the UK will start to see DS Lite bundles only, with no option to buy without a game.

Black DS with Brain Training (£119.99)
Pink with Nintendogs Labrador
Red with Big Brain Academy
Blue with Brain Training
Turquoises with Brain Training

Even more interesting is that this rumor also calls for the end of the Silver and White DS Lites. As I said earlier, this is just a rumor for now, but I definitely trust the source.

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