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Nintendo's not talking about Zelda Wii, but there may be hesitation on Spirit Tracks' release date

A portion of a TVGB interview with Marc Franklin, Nintendo’s Director of PR…

TVGB: I don’t suppose there’d be any word on an upcoming Zelda for the Wii?

MF: We haven’t announced anything yet.

What you’re seeing is (The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks) going to have the same kind of touch control that you saw from Phantom Hourglass. Then you’re also going to have the ability to switch off between Phantom and Link as you explore different dungeons, being able to use new elements during the game. And then you did see in the trailer the steam locomotive that link was using to travel through the world. So that’s about it that we’ve got right now on it but it’s great to see that up there. I think people enjoyed it.

TVGB: Definitely, and can we expect that this year?

MF: I don’t think he made an announcement on a specific date, but we will let you know.

At the GDC keynote, Iwata definitely say Spirit Tracks was this year. Let’s hope things stay that way.

Check out the full interview here, which discusses digital distribution and Nintendo core titles

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