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id explains why they're not really into Wii

“…So the game-centric game-based properties are successful on 360 and PS3, and PC, especially if you have a combined launch. They’re not as successful on the Wii. In fact, if you’re already doing those others, then maybe you add the Wii as your fourth platform. But if you look at the numbers, independent Wii-centric development is not really justified yet. Now, maybe it’s just that we don’t know how to exploit it, and Nintendo does because they made the Wii, and they’re really that good. And I’m not trying to take away from those guys at Nintendo. Their games are awesome–I’m a fan, too. But as a company that doesn’t make Nintendo-type games, the Wii is less of a compelling platform for us to really sink a lot of resources into.” - Todd Hollenshead, id’s CEO

I’m still hoping that we see at least one game from id on the Wii. I just want the company to seriously give it a try…just once!

Full interview here


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