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A portion of an IGN interview with Richard Garcia / Hiro Yamada…

IGN: Tell us how the online mode works. Six-player over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, is it?

Richard / Hiro: Online mode is amazing and a lot of fun. We support both the regular Excite Racing and a new mode called the Poker Race. In the Poker Race, the goal is to collect poker cards and try to make high scoring hands. This requires a combination of strategy, quick thinking and a little luck.

A interesting new feature of online play through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is the ability to place bets on yourself. Let’s say you feel good about doing well in the next race. You can purchase a token worth up to 2500 points to bet on yourself for that race. At the end of the race, depending on your race results and a little luck, you can earn up to 6 times your original bet. Even if you come in last place, you have a chance of earning extra points. Betting is a great way to earn a lot of points to purchase new paint schemes, statues and other items.

Full interview here

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