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Nintendo blocking Intellivision Lives compilation on DSiWare due to emulator policy

It seems like there are no publishers out there that want to pick up Intellivision Lives for the DS. After three years with no luck, Keith Robinson, the license holder to many Intellivision titles as well as the intellectual property, decided to take the game and bring it to DSiWare. Upon submitting the game for approval, Nintendo show him down. Why is that, you ask?

Nintendo made mention that in the policies for WiiWare and DSiWare development, the company does not allow games that run under emulation.

What a strange rule to have! Nintendo has no problems with emulators when it comes to the Virtual Console on Wii, but they want nothing to do with them on DSiWare. Does this point to Nintendo putting a Virtual Console on the DSi? I surely hope so…because that’s the only logical explanation I can think of.


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