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Tetsuya Nomura talks Kingdom Hearts 3, and the difficult time he had with Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

First up, Mr. Nomura discusses development on 358/2 Days, and what the name actually means.

“We initially proposed 3 separate titles. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep from within the company, 358/2 Days from Nintendo, and Coded from Disney. I wrote the lines of 358/2 Days myself. Since it was troublesome when I worked at it, once it was finished I thought ‘I don’t want to do it anymore.’ The meaning of 358/2 Days refers to the passing of 358 days of 2 people. I wanted people to imagine it’s meaning in various ways.”

Mr. Nomura next discusses Kingdom Hearts 3…

“Does KH3 come from those surroundings? Right now I’m busy with Birth by Sleep and FF13: Versus, let’s think about the future plans of Kingdom Hearts slowly. But the next Kingdom Hearts is not restricted to Kingdom Hearts 3. However it won’t be a side story, but an authentic addition. Separate from that, I’m thinking on the things of Kingdom Hearts 3.”


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