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Konami Announces Release of Ant Nation For Nintendo WiiWare - official PR

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today revealed new screenshots from Ant Nation, the strategy simulation game launching today on Nintendo WiiWare™ and later this summer on DS.

Life in the ant colony isn’t easy, but fortunately they have you to help them. Ant Nation for WiiWare enables gamers to venture into the unseen backyard world of an ant colony struggling against attacks by ladybugs, spiders and whole lot of beetles. Help your ant friends survive by utilizing the tools in your shed to build their strength. Use flames, lightning, a hammer and even rockets to zap, torch, and manipulate your ants, making them numerous enough and tough enough to survive the increasingly difficult challenges they will face in the bug-eat-bug world of the backyard ant colony!

Ant Nation for DS returns gamers to the beleaguered backyard ant colony and life hasn’t gotten any easier. Aliens and their robotic bug minions are invading! Fortunately, a scientist has just started working at a nearby lab, and not just any scientist, but a mad scientist… and they’re the best kind to have on your side if you’re facing annihilation by alien invaders. With his help you can create an army of unstoppable ant soldiers to counter the alien threat! Work quickly to whip your ant comrades into shape, so they can build up resistance to heat, water and poison, and become strong enough to evolve and defend their settlement and the planet against foreign intruders. With nearly 100 missions available and six different environments, Ant Nation for DS is the one ant vs. alien real time strategy game every gamer must own!

The new Ant Nation DS screenshots showcase just a few of the battles you’ll face!

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