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Ghostbusters: The Video Game cracks a million sold, developers want to do another game based on a third movie...if that movie happens

“It took us years to build the physics into the game of how one of those proton beams might hit a wooden table and just cut it in half, with one-half actually falling away from the other–and then one of the characters could actually interact with the destroyed object.” - Terminal Reality cofounder and president Mark Randel

Mr. Randel also expressed interest in doing another Ghostbusters game to go along with a third movie, if that movie does actually happen.

“It is great to realize that if they are thinking of rebooting Ghostbusters, of handing off the torch from the old guard to the new for a new Ghostbusters, that the success of the game definitely had something to do with green-lighting that project. And you can bet that if that movie were to come out, we’d just love to do another Ghostbusters game based on it.”


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