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ESRB lists Geon Cube, Full Blast Hitchhike for WiiWare

Full Blast Hitchhike

Platform: Wii

Rating: Everyone

Content descriptors: Comic Mischief

Rating summary: This is “party game” game in which players hitchhike their way through colorful levels to avoid monsters, aliens, dinosaurs, and an angry restaurant owner. Players use a targeting crosshair to lock on to buggies, dinosaurs, and spaceships in an attempt to catch a ride and proceed through the game. Along the way, players interact with a several characters, some of whom make comments with tongue-in-cheek humor (e.g., “What are the two sexiest farm animals? Brownchickenbrowncow!” and “Japanese girls are great! W-well…not as great as YOU, my pet”).


Geon Cube

Platform: Wii

Rating: Everyone

Content descriptors: No Descriptors

Rating summary: This is a strategy game in which players guide a colored cube across a game board while collecting pellets and power-ups (e.g., speed and power boosts, shields). Players must reach a goal area more quickly than their opponents in order to score points and win the game.

Thanks to ZRK for the heads up!

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