Pokemon GO returns to top-grossing spot on iOS charts in U.S.

Well, that fall to second place wasn't too long-lasting. Pokemon GO is back on top and we'll see how long the run is this time!

Miyamoto on Super Mario Run - Making new Mario fans, working with Apple, embracing mobile & more

Coming from a Pocket-Lint interview with Shigeru Miyamoto...

Creating an experience for someone that's never played a Mario game before

"Our intent has always been that the side-scrolling new Super Mario Bros games would be simpler - games that more casual players could be able to enjoy. But what we've found is that even though they are designed to be simpler and easier to understand, the controls can still be difficult for some players and they have a hard time controlling Mario or making him run and jump at the same time. We wanted to ask how we can make the experience even simpler for somebody who had never played a Mario game before. That's been the focus with Super Mario Run: a game that's even easier to get into and play."

On embracing mobile

"For many years our mission in approaching hardware has been our goal of expanding the number of people playing games. Now, people are having these interactive experiences through their smart devices and so that's accomplished this great mission of helping to turn more people into gamers. We're using this opportunity to bring our characters to this audience and let them experience the fun of our games and hopefully bring them back to our platforms."

On wanting to incorporate GPS features/network connection aspects in DS games

"Even when we were working on the first DS system, we were thinking about opportunities to incorporate GPS or how to use a persistent network connection. We didn't do it then, but now with a mobile device we're looking into functionalities like the persistent network connection."

Sharing similar philosophies with Apple

"The iPhone and iOS are great to work on because it's stable. In terms of working with Apple, we found we shared a lot of philosophies and we found from early on it was easy to work with them. It's Apple's hardware of course, not ours, but that just means it's a framework in which you try to be as creative as possible - it's not a limitation, I look at it as a lot of fun."

Working with mobile, but staying true to traditional hardware

"We'll continue to look at the opportunities smartphones bring and when we see one we'll continue to design for that hardware in a way that takes advantage of the functionality there. But we'll keep designing for our own platforms as well."

Amazon - The Art of Fire Emblem: Awakening sees release date change

Looks like we have a new release date for The Art of Fire Emblem: Awakening. The book was originally due out in August, but obviously that date came and went. Now Amazon shows the book with an Oct. 18th release date. No official confirmation on that date just yet, but we're guessing Amazon is getting it from somewhere legitimate.

Shovel Knight to appear in Yooka-Laylee

The Shovel Knight love continues on in Yooka-Laylee! It has been confirmed that Shovel Knight is going to be a guest character in Yooka-Laylee, but specifics on how you unlock him have not been given yet.

LEGO Dimensions producer talks Supergirl going multiplatform, chances of Disney content

Coming from a Eurogamer interview with producer Mark Warburton...

On Supergirl eventually being available for other platforms

"I keep stressing it's a timed exclusive.... The exact specifics of that is something for [publisher] Warner Bros. I'm sure there will be more things to come..."

On Disney content coming to LEGO Dimensions

"We talk to them all the time - Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out there, we just released new Lego Marvel DLC. With my Lego Dimensions hat on? We have two different streams on the go - Dimensions is one, then we have our Marvel game and Star Wars... We're happy with the trajectory of Lego Dimensions."

Japan - Various Pokemon-related New 3DS LL covers on the way

Oh man, some of those are gorgeous! I actually really like both the Sun and Moon designs. I bet a lot of American and European Pokemon fans would love the chance to snatch these up!

Japan: New Nintendo 3DS LL Pokémon Edition boxarts - another look

Between the two, I'm really feeling the Pikachu edition. There's just something about it I really like. Maybe it has something to do with it looking bright and cheery!