uWordsmith - review

This is part of an uWordsmith review from NintendoLife...

uWordsmith has the foundations set in place to be a fun little game for word wranglers on the Wii U. It's friendly, easy to pick up, and can actually be fast-paced and challenging on the hardest difficulty the first several or so rounds. Regrettably, though, the drought in the game's dictionary hits it right in the core. With a much larger collection of words and maybe a couple more ways to play, uWordsmith could be a very solid, brain-based party game. As it stands now, however, its lack of vocabulary is a telling blow that makes it hard to find the words to recommend it.

Famitsu - Translations of the Kirby and the Rainbow Curse reviews

These translations come from Nintendo Everything...

Reviewer 1
Kirby has cute looks similar to puppet animation and rolls in a world which is made of clay. The healing effect is also excellent. If you collect 100 stars you can activate the exciting "star dash", in which Kirby becomes bigger and invulnerable like giant Mario. The multiplayer can be enjoyed in different ways compared to single-player, so I recommend this also as a party game.

Reviewer 2
The graphics consists of soft textures which look like clay animation and those fresh visuals make for a nice atmosphere. Controlling Kirby by drawing lines feels intuitive and is easy to understand, stages are exciting, and it is fun to try again after a failure. There are hidden items in every course and you can accumulate your collection. It is good that the game can be enjoyed in short sessions, but it would have been even better if there was a little bit more variation in rules and such.

Reviewer 3
The graphics look like clay animation and are really relaxing. If Kirby comes contact with a wall, the movement looks like real clay. The game isn't only about guiding Kirby with rainbow lines as you have to protect him from water and enemy attacks. There are many ways to do things so players can test their techniques and ideas. On the other hand, if a boss defeats you many times in a row, there is a feature which allows you to skip that fight. Linking with amiibo and the affordable price are also attractive.

Reviewer 4
Although guiding a character by drawing lines with the GamePad isn't a new mechanism in itself, the game deserves applause for making that mechanism more interesting to play. The visuals are cute and look like clay animation. The game is filled with a surprisingly diverse load of gimmicks so it excites in many ways. The game is packed with the true charm of action games.


VC trailers - DK: King of Swing, Donkey Kong Jr. Math

Shadow of the Ninja hitting 3DS/Wii U VC on Jan. 29th

Nihilumbra due out later this Winter

Coming from BeautiFun Games...

- plan is to release it this winter
- game will arrive slightly later due to an audio engine bug
- devs are working hard with Nintendo and Unity to address the issue


Toys R' US - 4 amiibo for $44 deal

Check out all amiibo offered in the deal here


Random Time! - Sonic Boom cartoon makes Knuckles' jump glitch canon

First off, the glitch from the Wii U game...

Now take a look at what the gang behind the cartoon did to pay tribute!


Random Time! - Sakurai went out to purchase amiibo, but they were sold out

Where you went to buy a new amiibo to lunch break , seek , Meta Knight , did not buy have sold out Lucario , is Rosetta . Hmm .

Kickstarter - Starr Mazer under consideration for 3DS

This info comes straight from the team behind the game. Reader Chase caught up with the devs at PAX South and they said a 3DS version could happen. There are also planned console stretch goals coming down the road, but details on supported platforms weren't discussed.

Kickstarter here

Family Tennis SP - review

A portion of a NWR review...

Family Tennis SP could also have benefitted from some online interactivity and the minigames won't last you for long. With the right folk though, there is a good time to be had with this Family entry.

Full review here

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