Analyst sees Nintendo abandoning Wii U soon, IGN disagrees

Coming from industry analyst Guy Cocker...

- "Zelda is Nintendo's biggest franchise along with Mario, and the previous Zelda games have been some of the most revered and highest rated games in history. As a gamer I kind of applaud the fact that Nintendo does take risks and put games back if they are not ready."
- the delay leaves Wii U "completely barren - there's a big hole which isn't being filled like it is on Xbox One and PS4."
- "The Wii U is a failure in terms of the eyes of investors and the market in general. It's not sold anywhere near the amount of units the PS4 and Xbox One. Nintendo are repositioning the business so they can get bigger on mobile and bring its titles to mobile."
- "By way of announcing its next console already its kind of admitted the Wii U is a failure at this point. I think it will abandon the Wii U fairly soon."

Daniel Krupa, games editor at IGN, was a bit more optimistic...

"Mario Maker lets you create endlessly Mario levels of your own design - and Nintendo also has a brand-new property in the colourful, team-based shooter Splatoon. It's true, none of them quite have the level of expectation surrounding them as Zelda, but then very few games do. I wouldn't use the word dying; we'll have to see what the next few years hold for the platform. It's true, the Wii U hasn't been the runaway success the Wii was, but the Wii was a phenomenon - people who don't 'play' video games ended up buying one to play virtual tennis. (Wii U had) a tough start to its life, but it has a decent library of games. It's just not going to match the PS4 and Xbox One in terms of popularity and longevity."


Random Time! - Fan-made game combines Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Space Invaders

Direct link here

Fan-Art: Pikachu amiibo get dressed up


Suspension Railroad Simulator - review

A portion of a NWR review...

Is there a reason that Suspension Railroad Simulator came to the Wii U? I am not sure myself, but they did do a terrible job with the game. The gameplay becomes boring extremely quickly and the title is just an overall mess. Beyond those initial laughs, there is no real reason to buy this game in the first place.

Full review here

Splatoon - Splat Zones in Saltspray Rig Gameplay

Direct link here

Affordable Space Adventures - teaser trailer

Fangamer - Question Mark Block lapel pin

Random Time! - Super Mario Land 2 theme...with lyrics

Direct link here (thanks Curbles!)

Return to a Galaxy Far, Far Away with Star Wars Pinball: Star Wars Rebels (confirmed for Wii U)

We’re astronomically overjoyed to reveal our next pinball table, Star Wars™ Pinball: Star Wars Rebels™, based on the critically acclaimed animated TV show on Disney XD, Star Wars Rebels™.

Star Wars Pinball: Star Wars Rebels will take players on a journey to a galaxy far, far away, teaming them up with the crew of the starship Ghost, including Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger, Zeb Orrelios, Sabine Wren, Hera Syndulla and the grumpy astromech Droid™ Chopper as they join forces to take on the evil Empire. The table will feature fully-animated starships including the Ghost and TIE fighters, a flaming engine thruster spindisk, Chopper’s own mini playfield, and seven exciting missions inspired by the show.

We know you’ve all been anxious to see if we would continue working with Lucasfilm to create new Star Wars™pinball tables, and we are excited to say that we are doing just that! This new table is set during a time period never explored in the films, so we’re happy to be able to bring our own blend of pinball magic to this new phase of the Star Wars universe.

The table will be available across many of our pinball platforms, including Pinball FX2, Zen Pinball 2, and Star Wars™ Pinball, on console, PC, and mobile during the week of April 27, 2015, just in time for May the Fourth celebrations! Stay tuned for specific release dates and pricing information.

May the Force™ be with you.

Screens here

Nintendo of Canada advertising 'choose your own' Wii U bundle at Walmart

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