Company behind Switch's LCD revealed, initial order from Nintendo was for 3 million screens

- screens supplied by Japan Display Inc.
- Japan Display will supply three million screens in an initial batch
- Japan Display is working to ship slightly more than 10 million units by the end of this year
- the latter figure is subject to change depending on sales

We heard Nintendo had 2 million Switch units planned for initial launch. Now you have to wonder what the other 1 million is for, and when those units will ship!

Yoshi's Woolly World gets updated for Poochy amiibo support

- update available in Japan
- brings the game to version 1.1.0
- adds in support for Poochy amiibo

The update, set at version 1.1.0, does not appear to be live in North America or Europe yet. It should be up closer to the western release date of Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World.

Dragon Quest Heroes I & II - Switch to PS4 comparison

In the images below, you'll first see the PS4 image, and then the Switch image. The third image is a shot that combines PS4 and Switch. The top half of the image is PS4, while the bottom half is Switch.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII due out March 30th in Japan, new details shared

- due out March 30th for 9,800 yen
- new officer creation feature using the Joy-Con controllers’ motion IR camera
- when pointing the IR camera towards a target, various officers will be born based on things such as the target’s form and feel
- uses touch-based controls
- utilize the large screen to zoom in, zoom out, and swipe, move your units during battle, and activate officer strategies

Goodbye! BOXBOY! - More footage, screens, art, and tons of gameplay details

Check out screens and art here and here

New elements

- Box-Rocket: special boxes that can shot up in the air
- Box-Bomb: special boxes that can explode and destroy nearby elements (including harmful elements, such as spikes)
- Box-Warp: special boxes that allow you to warp to the spot of the last box
- Remote-Box: special boxes that can be controlled at a distance
- Box-Bit: little “children” boxes that you need to safely guide through levels
- Wind areas: areas where the wind is strong, pushing you back/forward
- Water: in some areas, water can be found. You have to use your blocks to navigate through those
- Scales: pretty self explanatory (if not, the footage below will make it clear!)
- Gravity: in some areas, gravity is flipped

Returning elements

- collecting all the crowns in the levels allows you to earn in-game currency
- use this to buy extras such as tips and tricks books, but also additional costumes
- will feature costumes from the first two games, but also some brand new ones.

Story and stages

- Qbby and his friends hop onboard the Boxship (Hakoship) in order to travel through the galaxy and save the planets
- these planets were taken over by a mysterious black smoke
- 22 different worlds, and 150 levels
- special set of 40 challenge stages that you need to buy in the in-game shop using in-game currency

Challenges include:

- completing levels without throwing a single block;
- collecting all the crowns;
- completing levels without jumping even once.

Level help

- go back to an earlier point in a level if you’ve messed up
- restart from the very beginning
- use Play Coins to display some hints
- ask for help via Miiverse

Compatible amiibo

- Qbby amiibo: unlock a GameBoy filter
- Kirby: unlocks a Kirby costume
- King Dedede: unlocks a King Dedede costume
- Waddle Dee: unlocks a Waddle Dee costume
- Meta Knight: unlocks a Meta Knight costume

Technical info

- Players: 1
- Save data files: 1
- Save data file size: 512KB
- File size: 1 210 blocks / 151MB
- Stereoscopic 3D: No

Demos + Wallpaper

- players with a Japanese 3DS can download a demo version for all three games in the BoxBoy series
- buy Sayonara! BoxBoy at launch and get an exclusive Kirby x BoxBoy wallpaper

World Hobby Fair '17 Winter - list of playable Switch games

Playable Switch titles

- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
- 1-2 Switch

Minna de Wai Wai Spelunker launching in Japan on April 20th

Here's one game we don't even know about when it comes to localization. Minna de Wai Wai Spelunker is due to release in Japan on April 20th, 2017. Remember, even if there isn't an official localization, you can still play it! The Switch is region free, so games from all regions are at your fingertips! Check out a couple screens here.

Mario Sports Superstars hitting Japan on March 30th

Nintendo's official Japanese site has confirmed a March 30th release for Mario Sports Superstars in Japan. You can check out some more screens for the game here.