Mugen 2DS battery available

Grab yours here (thanks VGAMER!)

Cosmochoria Kickstarter gets a Wii U stretch goal

Kickstarter here (thanks VGAMER!)

Club Nintendo screws up Yoshi's New Island t-shirt sizes

Thanks to all that sent this in!

New BLOK DROP U trailer coming tomorrow

Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy - another screen

Art of Balance Wii U - hub world screen, info

For the Wii U version, we wanted to create more then just an HD update. So we added new local and online mutliplayer modes, along with a complete new look for the game that makes the Wii U really shine. 200 levels from the Wii and 3DS version are included, but now you can even play them with your family, friends, and even online.

Above you can find the first shot featuring the hub for the eight worlds you can play. We used high dynamic range rendering– which gives us those nice sun sparkles on the ocean– and the ocean uses a dynamic wave simulation. Soft shadows are also used to connect everything, and if you look closely you can even see real-time reflections. Volumetric sun rays have been implemented to give an extra touch of softness.


How BIG is Palutena's Temple in Smash Bros? Head-to-Head Comparison w/ Hyrule Temple

Direct link here

3D Outrun - hub site open

Check out the site here


Japan - Next week's Wii U/3DS eShop releases

Japan - This week's Wii U/3DS trailers (April 15th)

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