Random Time! - Luigi death stare...the movie

Direct link here

Fan-Art: Custom-made Fire Emblem jewelry box/marriage porposal

Thanks to YoshiRider for the heads up!

Master Reboot - video review

Direct link here

Fantasy Life - EU boxart, more screens and art

Thanks to NintenDaan for the heads up!

Dorkly Bits - The Problem With Chain-Chomps

Japan - 'Best Price' versions of Mega Man Zero Collection/Ace Attorney Investigations/Resident Evil Revelations coming

Mega Man Zero Collection

- joining the Best Price! collection
- due out in August
- 2,190 yen

Ace Attorney Investigations

- joining the Best Price! collection
- 2,160 yen

Resident Evil Revelations

- reprint in August
- 3,075 yen


Amazon - The Legend of Zelda Box Set: Prima Official Game Guide for $80

NCSX import - Dragon Quest Watabou Ear Mafura Headphones

Grab yours here

IGN - EVO 2014: More Smash Bros. Melee footage

IGN - Project CARS gameplay footage

Direct link here

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