RUMOR - Early details on tomorrow's European Nintendo Direct (UPDATE 2)

You have been warned! If you don't want to see potential spoilers for tomorrow's European Nintendo Direct, do NOT hit the jump! If you do click through, I'm guessing you're okay with some spoilers!

Well, it looks like we have some interesting tidbits here for tomorrow's European Nintendo Direct. That is, if these rumors are to be believed. I mean, let's really think about things for a minute. Do you believe an outlet would be so starved for attention that they would create a fake Nintendo Direct lineup just hours before the event takes place? Also, the outlet in question (n1ntendo.nl) has been very good with leaks in the past, so they have some credit to their name. With all that out of the way, let's look at the more interesting tidbits.

The list includes mentions of Lost Reavers, Monster Hunter Generations, Monster Hunter Generations X Fire Emblem and SNES VC games on New 3DS. As far as I can tell, those are the new tidbits of information. Certainly some nice surprises in there! Could Monster Hunter Generations end up being the localized version of Monster Hunter X? I guess we'll find out tomorrow!

UPDATE - Here's a little more discussion that adds some validity to the rumor.

UPDATE 2 - NerdLeaks has discovered that Monster Hunter Generations is listed on the EU trademark site.

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Wed Mar 02 16 01:52pm
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Hmm @ SNES games on the 3DS.

Will we have to rebuy them or will we be able to download the ones we already have? My Nintendo Account is launching this month, right?

Exactly the questions I have. Unified VC please!

I want Metroid x Fire Emblem.

Wed Mar 02 16 05:37pm
Rating: 1

What I wanted was the StarFox/Metroid rumor that was floating around years ago.

The lack of Mother 3 is sad. It'll have made the Direct for me. Sad

Still looking forward for the Federation Force reactions. I'll have to prepare my own replies.

If I were Nintendo, I would be holding that one close to my chest for an E3 reveal. They know how much good will it will get them, and they want the widest possible audience present.

That said, I'm with you... I want it ASAP, but from a business perspective, it just makes sense to hold onto it.

Wed Mar 02 16 02:38pm
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More than that, I'm just wondering if they'll mess with the code to support the Mother Amiibo. That's a possibility. Also one how it has become tradition giving Itoi some words at each E3.

I'd love it. Itoi is a personal hero, and every piece of his work that can get to a wider audience is something I'm all-in for.

What I think makes the most sense is a "World of Mother" Collection that has all three games on the same media and includes some token Amiibo interactions. That would be a total home run for me, and I'd gladly pay $40 for it. What's more, if it were an NX handheld launch title, that would all but assure an NX sale for me, too.

Monster Hunter X Fire Emblem? ...I'm guessing that's DLC, right? Not a new game?

Most likely costumes ,i think
Monster hunter already had quite a few costumes crossovers

I think he meant Monster Hunter X, AND Fire Emblem, rather than them being the same. ^^

Anyways, I hope this is fake, if only because I prefer Directs to be a surprise.

... yet I read this. I am weak.

Nothing too interesting for me.
I do wonder how federation force will show up

Wed Mar 02 16 02:07pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Finally snes games on the 3ds vc!!... Now bring gba games as well p

Wed Mar 02 16 02:08pm
Rating: 1

Pretty unexciting.

Kinda hope it's fake to be quite honest, the only things that interest me are Lost Reavers, Fates Special Edition and Monster Hunter

Do you believe an outlet would be so starved for attention that they would create a fake Nintendo Direct lineup just hours before the event takes place?


Even if the website can be trusted (never heard of them), doesn't mean the source can, or where the source got the information from.

This looks fake as fake. Anyone could make files and screenshot them just like those "offishul nein10doh e-three pahyper leests".

I feel the same, one thing that bothers me greatly is how nothing was truly shown, no thumbnails, no file sizes, etc. not even a folder preview.

It's playing it very safe, so I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of this is actually correct, but it just seems off.

Wed Mar 02 16 02:19pm
Rating: 1

Still the fact that it looks so mundane feels like it's real. Also ending with the Yokai Watch sequel seems something Nintendo would do.

Wed Mar 02 16 02:33pm
(Updated 1 time)

Actually, Yo-Kai watch isn't out in Europe yet, so it'll be the first one.
I do agree it feels a bit mundane though, so yeah, regardless of this being real or fake, I feel a lot of this will probably still happen.

There's been so many Nintendo Direct/E3 lists and they've all been fake because it takes zero effort to make. It's just some person/kid trying to get attention. Some of those things are likely to happen, but not because "they leaked it" but because they're incredibly safe things to bet on/assume.

I love how you imply that kids aren't people xD (sorry, couldn't resist).

Especially since Liam's rep took a hit after the Devil's Third fiasco

I don't recall, what did he report and get wrong about it? That Nintendo wasn't going to publish it? Because for the longest time Nintendo wasn't, and then a bunch of people complained and then they did publish it.

Wed Mar 02 16 02:19pm
Rating: 2

This list gave me that disappointed feeling I usually get after a Nintendo Direct. This has to be legit.

Wow, I'd love for this to be true, if only because it seems we'd be getting Monster Hunter X localized? And apparently with Fire Emblem crossover gear, that's awesome.

SNES games on 3DS is cool I guess. If there was cross-buy I'd be more hyped for it.

Nothing too surprising outside of that, but I'd be satisfied with this Direct if this was all we got.

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