Leaked NX controller confirmed fake by leaker himself

Well, that pretty much puts the final nail in the coffin. The first image was fake, and that would lead us to believe the images from yesterday are fake as well. Looks like Team Fake was the winner after all! Thanks to Mr. Valtor for the heads up!

UPDATE - Just incase you were wondering, the black model is also confirmed to be fake (thanks Goopay!)

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Thu Mar 24 16 07:25pm
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So it was a 3-D render rather than a 3-D printout, impressive. And here I was thinking someone had taken the time to fabricates a physical model! Of course the real question is are the still going to be people dumb enough thinking that this thing is still real even after the reveal that it's fake?

Sadly, yes. People are stupid enough to believe anything. You will see different versions of this fake (including the one shown yesterday) until Nintendo reveals the actual controller.

Thu Mar 24 16 07:51pm
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you will see different versions of this fake

Funny enough you say that, after this we could have a ton of new fake rumors and images spill on to the net, and every one of them including the real deal if included will be automatically written off. Hell, Nintendo themselves could release an image of it and no one would take it seriously, at least for most people. In fact I hope they do come April 1 just so they can troll everyone.

I always doubted someone making a physical model. I don't think a 3D print would look realistic and I don't think just anyone could print out plastic, or at least convincing (for a sellable product) plastic for cheap. 3D render makes much more sense because it cuts those problems out with materials.

the second leak really was a physical model though.

I saw (after I wrote that) and stand corrected. With the way this is going, one day someone's going to make a working fake model.

Thu Mar 24 16 07:26pm
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Nintendo needs to let people know something about this system. Sites keep posting these rumors like they are facts.

Like Nintendo Enthusiast said... it's kind of in their interest to let the rumours/fakes run wild because it gets people talking about Nintendo up until they finally announce the thing. I mean it's heart-wrenching waiting for information and thinking everything we hear could be a possibility, but they still win out because of it.

Thu Mar 24 16 09:24pm
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Maybe we should just WAIT till JUNE. E3. If there is a set date already. We should all be able to wait until then.
Society needs a shake up and people need to be SHOCKED out of the I WANT IT NOW attitude IMHO. Tech has ruined us too much. LOL There used to be huge mystery to things.....I mean imagine if the NX were to be coming out 20 year ago.....nobody would know a thing about it lol


We still don't know a thing about it to be honest, lol.

Thu Mar 24 16 07:27pm
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Well yea, having it look like the patent was a big red flag that it was fake.

Haha, Nintendo On all over again. I gotta admit this was a quality fake. The second "leak" made me think it was real.

Without seeing it in action, I didn't believe it. If they couldn't show the other angles or a demo, there was no convincing evidence

Yeah.. People do weird things with Photoshop.

Lmao Nin wrecked this dudes Apirl fool joke big time. In a return rage he shows off how he did it lmao...I still think its real!

It's not, in any way.

Thu Mar 24 16 07:35pm
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The wars waged over this fake on NeoGAF makes it all the more hilarious.

First image looked fake as crap. Smart move on his part releasing the second set. :P

NOW then. On to the next rumor. Or better yet...E3.

He didn't release the black "prototype". Someone else did that he has no connection with. It just seems that they saw his hoax, and they wanted to create a more realistic hoax.

I got to thinking the guy just had the resources to make a physical mock up because he wanted to hold something like that, and then.......just got carried away, or rather, allowed the internet to carry it away.

The journey towards E3 is gonna be fun:

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And the best part will still be Nintendo will very likely do something different and not necessarily what everyone wants.

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