Magikarp Jump - Version 1.0.2 available

Release date: May 26th (worldwide)
Download size: ???MB (Android) / 81.2MB (iOS)
Platform: Android and iOS

Patch notes:

- Minor bug fixes

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for May 26th, 2017

[Hero Battle] The Grand Hero Battle feat. Narcian is live again (available until June 2nd);

[Quests] A new batch of Special Quests related to the returning Grand Hero Battle is now live: “Grand Hero Battles”. It allows you to get a ★2 Narcian and some Orbs if you complete them (available until June 2nd).

Miitomo - content update for May 26th, 2017

Born to battle! Gladiator armor now available!

Gladiator armor and other items have been added to the Shop!

Prepare to battle with the strength and spirit of a true gladiator!

Don the Gladiator armor and Gladiator helmet, and then step into the arena to face your greatest opponent yet...

Now the gates are open, and it's time to fight! Will you emerge victorious?

- Gladiator helmet
- Gladiator armor
- Butterfly-tattoo tights

Out of this world! Futuristic Fashion is back in Miitomo Drop!

Out of this world! Futuristic Fashion is back for a limited time in Miitomo Drop!

- Pressure suit helmet set
- Pressure suit set
- Space shuttle
- Saturn prismatic pin
- Galactic parka
- Galactic shorts
- Galactic tights
- Galactic sneakers
- Planet Earth hood
- Alien-life tee
- Invading UFO skirt
- Alien-abduction tights

Pokemon Co. International - Jump into Action with Magikarp Jump!

London, United Kingdom - May 25, 2017: The Pokémon Company International announced today that Magikarp Jump is now available for download at no charge on the App Store and on Google Play.

Train your Magikarp to soar as high as possible in Magikarp Jump! The lowly Magikarp now gets its time in the spotlight with this fun app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Feed and develop your Magikarp to maximize the Pokémon’s jump power to reach new heights. Then compete to see if your Magikarp is the best. Can your Magikarp rise to the level of League Champion?

During your training, if Magikarp gets knocked out, or retires upon reaching Lv. 20, you’ll start over with a new generation of Magikarp. But not all progress is lost—your new Pokémon will start off a little bit stronger than your last. Keep training every Magikarp until you can make it to the top of the in-game tournament ladder!

While you’re raising your Magikarp, keep an eye out for Pokémon that want to help you. For example, some Pokémon you encounter will give you food to keep your Magikarp nourished.

When you do well in jumping tournaments, you can get commemorative photos of your achievement. You can share these photos online and with friends to show the world how well you’ve trained your Magikarp.

Magikarp Jump also features in-app purchases, where you can spend real money on a variety of things to speed up your training, replenish your food stock, and catch more Magikarp. You can also purchase decor to customize your Magikarp’s habitat.

For more information about Magikarp Jump, please visit: pokemon.com/uk/app/pokemon-magikarp-jump/

Miitomo - content update for May 25th, 2017

- [Miitomo Drop] New set of Daily Decorations is now available

LINE app gets "Pikachu's Lively Voiced Stickers ♪" set

- set of 24
- available now
- ¥240 or 100 LINE coins
- when tapped, these stickers will play on iPhones even in silent mode
- not yet available in all regions

Niantic doubles down on Pokemon GO cheaters, remains committed to protecting the game

Coming from Niantic...

“Niantic is committed to maintaining the state of Pokémon GO and our community of Trainers. People who violate the Pokémon GO Terms of Service (including by using third party software and other cheats) may have their gameplay affected and may not be able to see all the Pokémon around them. While we cannot discuss the systems implemented, we can confirm that we are constantly refining new ways to ensure the integrity of the game in order to keep it fun and fair for all players.”

I know there's a whole discussion about what should and shouldn't be considered cheating. With that said, Niantic has clearly drawn the line where they believe cheating to be. If you cross it, you're going to end up with a lackluster experience. Thanks to Jacktendo92 for the heads up!

Magikarp Jump launches in North America

Train your Magikarp to soar as high as possible in Magikarp Jump! Magikarp now gets its time in the spotlight with this fun app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Feed and develop your Magikarp to maximize its jump power to reach new heights! Can your Magikarp become League Champion?

Pokemon news - Duel update now available, Pokemon the Movie 2017 trailer info

Pokemon Duel - update available

- brings the game up to version 3.0.9

- balance changes announced for Infernape, Keldeo, Darkrai, Banette, Absol, Murkrow & Hydreigon announced

- new Orange Time Booster which are guaranteed to hold Dark-type or Fighting-type Pokémon

- three new plates

Pokémon the Movie 2017 - World Premiere Trailer

- World Premiere on Thursday July 6th at the Japan Expo 2017 event in Paris, France

- this will be the first airing of the movie

- event will include special guests Kunihiko Yuyama, the director of the movie, and Rica Matsumoto, Ash's voice actor


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