Kirby 25th anniversary 3DS theme available in Japan

We're sure this theme will be available in North America and Europe at some point. Maybe it'll show up later today!

My Nintendo Japan - rewards update for April 27th, 2017

- Kirby 25th Anniversary theme available until May 31st for 20 Gold Points
- Picross e5 and Picross e6 reduced by 40% (¥500 → ¥300) for 150 Platinum Points until July 31st

Happy 25th anniversary, Kirby!

I remember getting Kirby's Dream Land like it was yesterday. I couldn't wait to get home with it and play. I plugged in my power brick for my Game Boy, ran over to the rocking chair by the window for the best viewing angle, and spent hours playing. I instantly fell in love. Kirby screaming into that microphone used to make me laugh like crazy. Actually, it still does to this day.

Kirby is definitely one of Nintendo's most utilized and unique characters out there. If Nintendo has a strange idea for a game, Kirby is usually the one that gets to tackle it. I love that about Kirby. His lineup of games is so incredibly diverse, and I'm sure that traditional will carry on for a long time. Happy 25th anniversary, Kirby!

Kirby Pupupu Train website updated with special promo video

That train is ridiculously cute, but Kirby...I don't think it's exactly "street legal". Might want to get off the tracks when the real trains come along.

Kirby 25th anniversary lottery goods from Ichiban Kuji

Ichiban Kuji is releasing all sorts of merch to celebrate Kirby's 25th anniversary, but as for right now, it will only be available in lottery form. Make sure to check out all the goodies here!

Japan - Kirby 25th anniversary eShop sale on Wii U/3DS

Nintendo 3DS

– Hoshi no Kirby (¥411 → ¥308) Game Boy
– Hoshi no Kirby 2 (¥411 → ¥308) Game Boy
– 3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure (¥617 → ¥462) 3D Classic
– Kirby Triple Deluxe (¥4,937 → ¥3,702) 3DS
– Kirby Planet Robobot (¥5,076 → ¥3,807) 3DS

Wii U

– Hoshi no Kirby (¥514 → ¥385) Family Computer
– Hoshi no Kirby 3 (¥823 → ¥617) Super Famicom
– Hoshi no Kirby Super Deluxe (¥823 → ¥617) Super Famicom
– Hoshi no Kirby 64 (¥1,028 → ¥771) Nintendo 64
– Kirby & the Amazing Mirror (¥702 → ¥526) Game Boy Advance
– Kirby: Squeak Squad (¥950 → ¥712) Nintendo DS
– Hoshi no Kirby Wii (¥2,700 → ¥2,025) Wii

This sale runs from April 27th to the 30th and is in Japan only.

HAL says Kirby's new 3DS title will be "action fighting"

The following comes from Satoshi Ishida at HAL...

So now we've heard that the game is action, multiplayer and now fighting. Perhaps we'll get a first peek at E3 2017!