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Nintendo Power says Wii MotionPlus due out before Grand Slam Tennis' June 18th release

Follow me on this one, okay? I have a bit of explaining to do…

Earlier today, the online hub for Nintendo Power gave us a two-page preview of their EA Grand Slam Tennis article. While we got our first look at the in-game graphics, we also got to check out a small portion of the EA interview. Within the body of the article, we see this blurb…

Thomas Singleton (EA) and his Vancouver-based team hope to take things to the next level, thanks in no small part to the Wii MotionPlus accessory (due out prior to Grand Slam’s release).

Well, I hopped over to the official EA website for Grand Slam Tennis to see if there was a release date for the game…and there is.


So…all this points to the Wii MotionPlus coming out before June 18th. I wonder if Wii Sports Resort will be there as well…

Hey, did you guys know that we have an awesome House of the Dead: Overkill contest going on? Yeah, that banner isn’t just for show! We also started a new audio feature, GoNintendo Radio! It’s always fun to try new things!


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