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GN vids of 5/5

GN Podcast #507

M&D play WarioWare!

EoD - Sports & Wii U

GN surprises coming!

GN vids of 4/28

Nihilumbra gets co-op mode on Wii U, due out May 14th in EU as well

- exclusive co-op mode
- one player will control Born while a second will control the brush/color
- work together to escape from the Void
- due out May 14th in EU as well
- buy the game through May 28 and save 20 percent
- normally be priced at $9.99 / €8.99


RUMOR - Some insight into stock allocations for Wave 4 amiibo

This info comes from someone that supposedly works at Best Buy. They're giving a look at stock allocations for wave 4 amiibo at their local store. These numbers change from store/state, but should still give us a better overall picture of what to expect.

Splatoon 3-pack-5
Inkling girl-3
Inkling boy-3


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate free 3DS theme - official promo video

Splatoon - May 4th, 2015 tumblr update

Those Octarians look all emo with their swooping head tentacles. But darn if they don’t make fascinating artistic subjects. I mean, we’re still gonna splatter their octo-hides with ink.


Bravely Second - soundtrack samples

Direct link and more here

GameTrailers - Top 10 Mario Power Ups

LinkedIn profile of Next Level Games' employee points to secret project featuring online component (UPDATE)

UPDATE - Another LinkedIn profile points to an unannounced project from LinkedIn that has a story focus.

Well, there's a little tidbit of info on one of the secret projects that Next Level is working on! Hopefully we'll find out about some of these projects come E3!

Mario Kart 8 - more Cheese Land footage

Swords and Soldiers II video series starting tomorrow

NCSX imports - Super Mario 30th anniversary towel, Yoshi plush dolls

Grab yours here and here

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