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Xeodrifter diary #12

GN Podcast #479

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Assassination Classroom: Grand Siege - teaser site open

Check out the website here

Random Time! - John Landis' son wrote a 436 page Mario movie script a few years back

Here's a random bit of trivia for you. Although nothing was officially sanctioned by Nintendo, Max Landis, son of famed director John Landis, sat down to write a Super Mario Bros. movie. That script turned out to be 436 pages long. You can check it all out in you have lots of free time. Be prepared to be amazed!

Feature here

Y2K - Frankton theme gets a Earthbound-style remix

33 years later, new music/sound effects discovered within Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong may be 33 years old, but it's still hiding some secrets. After some digging, a person with the technical know-how found some unused sound effects and music tucked away within the game. Some of these tunes would appear in later ports/sequels, while others are being heard for the first time today.

Check out all the clips here


New 3DS - MicroSD Management Overview

Direct link here

Paper Monsters Recut - review

A portion of a 4cr review...

I had a lot of fun reviewing Paper Monsters Recut, and I appreciate all the extra work that went into making this a great game in its own right instead of just being a straight port. There’s a lot of content in here, and I would definitely like to see what they can do with a sequel.

Full review here

Stealth Inc. 2 - more footage

Direct link here

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's director takes a trip to Comic-Con - photo gallery

Check out all the pics here

Final Fantasy II's 'Ultima' spell was glitched, but the programmer wouldn't fix it to make a statement

- Ultima was meant to increase its power relative to the level of other spells the caster had
- due to a bug, it caused the spell to do just around 500 damage at the most on a single target
- Sakaguchi said “How did this happen? Fix it.”
- the person that programmed the spell had this to say:

“All of that legendary stuff, it dates back to an age that didn’t even have proper techniques. If you were to look at such things now in the present’s point-of-view, it would be natural that they look inferior. For this reason, it’s a given that Ultima’s abilities would be bad. As for those who struggled and ultimately acquired it only to find out that it’s useless… well, that’s something that often happens in life. So, I’m not going to fix it!”

- Sakaguchi was upset and asked for the source so he could fix the bug himself
- the developer made the code in such a way that he was the only one able to fix it
- this locked Sakaguchi out from correcting the issue


Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest - Wii U VC trailer

Direct link here

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