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Parents - Pilotwings

Xeno Chron 3D review

SR - Home Alone 2

GN Radio #36

GN Podcast #501

Parents Play: MM3

Mario Party 10 - all victory animations

CIRCLE Ent. gauging for interest in Rideon Japan's titles

Japan - Look at upcoming Funassyi 3DS accessories

Club Nintendo EU - Super Mario 3D World soundtrack back in stock (UPDATE Kirby too)

Ironfall: Invasion - more update information

New features for all IRONFALL Invasion players:
In the Controls menu of the game's settings, the "Aim Sensitivity" and "Camera Sensitivity" sliders have been expanded with more increments to allow for finer tuning according to the player's preference.
In Multiplayer: in the "free-for-all" game mode, players who leave a game before the end have their score reset.
In Multiplayer: the range of the "shock gun" item has been increased.
In Multiplayer: the damage and bullet statistics of the "grenade launcher", "explosive rifle" and "shotgun" items have been adjusted accordingly to reflect balance issues noticed in user comments.
In Multiplayer: the respawn algorithm has been improved.
During a sprint, it is now easier to turn left and right.
The U-turn command (pressing back twice) has been improved to decrease involuntary U-turns; it is now necessary to press back twice in a faster way than before.

New features for players having purchased IRONFALL Invasion content:
In Multiplayer: when joining a quick online match, it is possible for players to filter out the "Tanks (Demo)" map from their quick online match search, to allow for more variety in the automatic selection of arenas.
In Multiplayer: players will now remain invincible for 4 seconds when they respawn.
In Multiplayer: players will now also receive credits if they finish in second place.
It is now possible to take cover while sprinting.
There is now an additional lock-on on the vertical (Y) axis in aim mode.


Japan - New set of Kirby shirts coming in July, 2500 yen each


Ironfall: Invasion surpasses 300.000 downloads

PoPoLoCrois Farm Story - info on Famitsu Limited Edition, first-print item

This information comes from Siliconera...

- Includes a set of two clear folders that shows some of the main characters and artwork from the game
- Exclusive PoPoLoCrois Farm Story mug that features a Prince Pietro design
- Prince Petro plush that stands at 23cm (9 inches) tall, and can only be obtained through the Famitsu pack
- Official Twitter also shared a look at the Prince Pietro mobile phone strap, which will be included as a bonus item for all first-print copies of the game


Dragon Quest X - next expansion includes Sugoroku minigame

The following information comes from Siliconera...

- Sugoroku minigame coming Dragon Quest X
- Will be available in an expansion next month
- Players will get to play Sugoroku at the casino's Bingo Hall area, and they'll get to play either solo or with up to four other players
- Sugoroku will allow players to acquire Coins, which can be used for trade-ins at the casino.
- Once you reach the goal, there will be a special boss waiting for you
- Bosses are said to be quite different, but if you beat them, you'll be rewarded with some nice loot
- Are also a bunch of treasure chests you can open in the mini-game, which will provide you with useful items and casino Coins
- If you get too carried away and open a bad one, you could end up with a Mimic, and those are never good
- Also a Temple of Dharma space, where you will get to change your jobs. Jobs have different abilities that will come in handy as you advance through the board game
- Hocus Pocus spell also has its own space on the board game. Similar to the spell, you won't know what will happen until landing on its space


The Great Ace Attorney - more info on NicoNico Choukaigi appearances

The following information comes from Perfectly Nintendo...

- Confirmed that Shintaro Kojima (Producer) would be at the two stage shows (on Saturday and Sunday), while Shu Takumi (Director) would only be at the first one
- Now there is a special quest for the second session on Sunday
- Streams on April 25 and 26. Start at 9:30 JST/2:30 CET/7:30PM ET Day-1)


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