Harvest Moon: More friends of Mineral Town confirmed for Wii U VC

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Disney Magical World 2 - another round of details

- enjoy life in the world of Disney with activities such as shopping, going on walks, adventuring, fishing, farming, jewel excavating, costume and furniture crafting, partying, and hanging out with Disney characters
- Disney motif interior designs for your cafe
- over 120 Disney characters will make an appearance
- over 3,000 items that can be made with the materials gathered in the game
- Frozen, The Little Mermaid, Snow White, and Lilo & Stitch are getting new worlds
- Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh worlds will be returning
- total of six worlds in Disney Magical World 2
- episode in Frozen’s world, which tells the story of what happens between Frozen and its short film sequel Frozen Forever
- scenario and artwork has been done in collaboration with Walt Disney Animation Studio,
- will feature songs like “Let it Go”
- many lively events such as the dance show, where you’ll get to invite buddies and participate with other characters
- “Dream Fantasy” is a new feature in the game that happens when you fall asleep in the game
- this is a place full of light and music, and all kinds of magical things that await the player and other characters
- take various commemorative photos in the game
- theme song for the Japanese version of the game is “Sparke ~Kagayaki wo Shinjite~” by May J.

Capcom looks back on Mega Man robot masters: Elec Man

Number: DLN-008

Weapon: Elec Beam

Weakness: Rolling Cutter

A robot who controls electricity. He’s a strong enemy with speed and power to match. Take him down quickly with a weapon that plays on his weakness.

Probably my favorite of the MM1 bosses, Elec Man always felt a bit like a legit super villain. That mask and color scheme reminded me of Marvel's Electro, and his powers were the easiest to immediately equate with comic books. Super strength could be any of a billion characters. Bombs & blades too. But hurling electric beams felt right out of a Spidey comic.

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YouTube - Top 10 trending games of June 2015

1. Batman: Arkham Knight
2. Lego Jurassic World
3. Fallout 4
4. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
5. Lego Worlds
6. The Elder Scrolls Online
7. Skylanders: SuperChargers
8. Star Wars Battlefront
9. Final Fantasy VII
10. Heroes of the Storm

Fire Emblem Fates - details on amiibo interactions

- Marth, Ike, Lucina, and Robin amiibo can be scanned in the My Castle area
- they will appear in your plaza and challenge you to a battle
- speaking to them gets you interesting dialog
- Robin says “I have the strangest feeling that before coming here, I battled against many combatants… launching people, getting launched…”
- Ike says “I just remembered… before coming here, I matched up against countless warriors from all over the world to hone my skills.”
- when you enter battle, the camera zooms in on Ike, who performs his iconic taunt from Super Smash Bros.
- Lucina mentions “that battleground,” a place where she “honed her skills by matching up against competitors from around the world.”
- Marth claims that he’s happy to see you again, then continues, saying: “As we spoke before, my bonds with everyone have deepened through battle.”
- he then claims that he wants to know more about you, and then challenges you to a fight
- defeat the amiibo to have them join your party
- the main character will mention that s/he’s “is in the middle of an adventure,” to which they will each respond differently
- Robin reflects on his own adventure, having fought many powerful enemies and making good friends
- Ike notes that by following you, he’ll become more powerful
- Lucina notes that she came to this world to borrow your power, a nod to her role in Fire Emblem: Awakening
- Marth notes that he understands you better now, and would like to join you without interrupting your journey

7th Dragon III Code: VFD - class info

Duelist class

- use the power hidden inside cards by materializing monsters and traps on the cards with the power of mana

Other classes include:

- Samurai class
- Fortuner
- Vanisher

Xenoblade Chronicles X director shares fan feedback, wants to apply it to a new game

The following comments come from executive director Tetsuya Takahashi, which were shared in a guidebook for the RPG...

- some fans wanted a more passionate and rich story, and Takahashi agrees with that
- some fans thought the UI was a little difficult to use and the battle system was a bit too hectic, and Takahashi agrees
- fans also said the letters are too small and how tedious it was to invite other party members
- fans thought it be cool to be able to go into outer-space and wanted more lively online features

“Being several years behind others in the development of an HD title and taking into account Monolith Soft’s company size, there are just some thing that we could not achieve, which couldn’t be helped, but in order to move on towards the next step, there was no avoiding this. And that is the truth." - Takahashi

-t he’d like to use the experience in order to make his next title something that is rich in story