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Parents Play: DKC

GN Podcast 500 ideas

EoD - After Wii U...

EoD - Game length

GN Podcast #497

Parents Play: KRtDL

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse - 2 hours of footage

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Monster Hunter producer shares how the franchise came to be, difference in popularity between Japan/NA

A portion of a Game Informer interview with series producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto...

Game Informer: How did the original idea for Monster Hunter come about?

Ryozo Tsujimoto: Back when I belonged to the team in the old days, we were trying to establish three new online titles for home consoles; these were Auto Modellista, Resident Evil Outbreak, and Monster Hunter. I was one of the game designers on Auto Modellista. Monster Hunter was designed based on the concept of a “multi-action online game that anyone can join and play,” and we made full use of Capcom’s best action game talent.

GI: While it has found an audience in North America, Monster Hunter hasn’t reached the same heights in popularity as Japan. Why do you think this is?

RT: Japan is a country made up of small islands, and this gives us an environment wherein people tend to gather rather closely together thanks to the well-developed public transportation system we have with our train and bus lines. Therefore, it’s easy for word of mouth to spread while people are playing together via an ad-hoc connection on their portable gaming devices. I think the environment was really well suited for building the fan base we now enjoy and for encouraging people to play with one another.

In the U.S., the environment and culture may not be as well suited to this type of play, and that has led to it not being quite as popular yet. That said, we are aware of a growing multitude of really strong and tight-knit communities that have sprung up in the States, and we know that they hold their own events on the local level. We treasure these dedicated communities, and I sincerely hope that these veterans will usher in a new group of fans to enjoy Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Full interview here

Random Time! - Laura's Gaming Butts: The Legend of Zelda

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IGN - The Top 25 Nintendo 3DS Games (Spring 2015)

USGamer - Donkey Kong Country live-stream (live now, 5 PM ET)

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Random Time! - View the Virtual Boy game Red Alarm in 3D via your New 3DS

Remember, watch via your 3DS to see this video in 3D!

Direct link here

Nintendo World Store hosting special event for sale of select amiibo

Etrian Mystery Dungeon - first round of DLC revealed

Find the Furai, please: This quest will require you to find a Furai in the first dungeon. It’ll reward you with the addition of three foods that boost your item and money acquisition rates, along with higher chances of finding special floors.

Find the Landsknecht!: Similar to the previous quest, you’ll need to find a certain Landsknecht in the second dungeon. This one rewards you with three additional foods that increase your experience points gain and BLAST meter, along with higher chances of finding rare species.

Defeat the Golden Guardian: There’s a golden guardian wandering around a dungeon, and you’ll need to defeat it. Clearing this quest will give you some money along with a large amount of materials.

Do You Know The Red Pooka?: You’ll need to defeat the Red Pooka F.O.E wandering around in a dungeon. Defeating the Red Pooka will give you a pair of level-up items.

Please Find the Princess: This fifth DLC quest will have you search for a Princess class character in the first dungeon. This quest rewards you with a useful item that lets you keep all your items whenever you fail a dungeon run.

- in Japan, all DLC is free for March
- after March, the first three pieces of DLC will cost 150 yen and the second two pieces of DLC will go for 200 yen


Miiverse (NA/EU) - 3DS communities added for Feb. 26th, 2015

Hyrule Warriors - hidden playable character in Boss Pack DLC

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