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EoD - Missed chance?

EoD - Waluigi time?

EoD - Mario where?

EoD - Which to buy?

Smash Direct wrap-up

EoD - Smash Direct!

10 little-known facts about Sonic

Direct link here

Japan - San-ei releasing Yoshi plush dolls in 10 colors

These adorable plush Yoshis will be available in Japan come mid-June. You can even preorder an entire box of 10 if you'd like!


Super Mario Bros. 3 supports 2-player download play on 3DS

Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS - Over a gig's worth of screens! (bumped to the front)

Want to check out screens of all the latest roster reveals in Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS from the recent Nintendo Direct? We've got screens out the BUTT for Yoshi, Greninja, Sheik, Charizard and Zero Suit Samus! I'm uploading a gig's worth of content straight from NoA right now! You can hit up the link for the Flickr set below, but keep checking in as more and more screens pour in throughout the upload!

Flickr didn't like our Wii U screens for some reason, so I've converted them into another format. Check out the link below to see them all!

Flickr set here

Hometown Story - Yasuhiro Wada video interview

Direct link here (thanks Emil!)

The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll - more screens, site update

Super Smash Bros. Newcomers Analysis (Secrets & Hidden Details)

Direct link here

Dorkly Bits - Power-Up Mix-Up

Mario Golf: World Tour - 45 mins of demo footage

Direct link here

Swords & Soldiers II Interview & Gameplay

Direct link here

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