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EoD - Smash Wii U!

Shantae review!

Fantasy Life review

EoD - Instagram fun

Xeodrifter diary #12

GN Podcast #479

Smash Bros. Wii U - more 8-Player Smash footage

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate monster spotlight: Zamtrios, the Monster Shark

We've seen how the Zamtrios was inspired by real-life sharks on our #SharkWeek special, and we even touched briefly on its subspecies Tigerstripe Zamtrios; now it's time to take a closer look at the actual Zamtrios and what it does in the game.

Will you dare to stare the monster shark in the eyes?

For starters, I know the image above makes the Zamtrios look quite deadly (and it is), but don't worry too much. When calm, it doesn't have that sharp icy armor covering its body

Full update here

Smash Bros. Wii U - another round of mode/feature previews

Tales of the World: Reve Unitia - two more clips

Ittle Dew passes certification in Europe

Random Time! - Bayonetta 2 concept artist gives her baby a Bayonetta makeover

Super Robo Mouse, Block Drop X Twisted Fusion - quick clips

Check out more quick clips here

Bayonetta 2 - top 5 tips

Direct link here

Japan seeing release of Pokemon TCG Illustration Collection

- due out December 13th in Japan
- features artwork from the TCG’s 18-year history
- 192 pages
- 2,160 yen (about $21)
- comes packaged with a Rayquaza and Cosplay Pikachu promo

Thanks to Poever for the heads up!


Bayonetta 2's references to The Wonderful 101

– early in the game, music playing on the news is from The Wonderful 101
– there's a toy store called Wonder Toys
– at one point, you can hear Rodin say “Diplomacy has failed”


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