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Wooden Sen'sey rev

GN Podcast #467

Renegade Kid reveal!

EoD - Miiverse use

EoD - TV Vs. Pocket

EoD - Warriors cast

Random Time! - The legend of Dark Link

Direct link here

Analyst doesn't believe Wii U can catch up to the competition

"They have a relatively good games pipeline, but the big question is about its hardware. The Wii U is so far behind now, and the perception of the audience that it's a relatively under-powered console compared to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is now pretty firmly cemented. Given how inaccurate some of Nintendo's forecasts have been going into their results in terms of hardware and software sales in the past, I'm not optimistic." - Ed Barton, a games industry analyst at the Ovum consultancy

Nintendo says Iwata is 'recovering steadily'

Coming from Yasuhiro Minagawa, a spokesman for Nintendo...

“Iwata is recovering steadily. There is no interference with his business as president.”


Mega Man Battle Network - Wii U VC pricing revealed

Fan-Art: Wooden-etched Legend of Zelda maps

Nintendo online store - refurbished 3DS XL for $135 with 1-year warranty ($150 for limited editions)

Grab yours here


Monster Hunter at Japan Expo 2014 - Interview with Ryozo and community

Direct link here

Previously Recorded feature - Sonic, The Most Overrated Game Ever?

Direct link here

Gamescom 2014 - indie game lineup

I've included only the Nintendo-related titles appearing at the show, but you can check out the full list at the link below.

Affordable Space Adventures – Knapnok
Dex – Dreadlocks Ltd
RIVE – Two Tribes
Swords & Soldiers II – Ronimo Games
Tengami – Nyamyam

Full list here

Wii Sports Club - review

A portion of a Kotaku review...

Regardless of your experience as a gamer, Wii Sports Club is a solid title that improves on the simple but effective gameplay of the Wii original.

Full review here

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