Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis now available on Switch

The secret's out

June 26, 2019 – Deep Silver released the critically acclaimed adventure Secret Files 2 on Nintendo Switch™. The game is available via the Nintendo eShop for £13.49.

In addition to the release of the critically acclaimed adventure the already released Secret Files Tunguska is receiving a major patch which massively improves the handheld playablity.

Alongside this news, Deep Silver also revealed that Secret Files: Sam Peters will once more send players on an amazing adventure, hunting a sensational story in Africa alongside journalist Sam in her very own story. Secret Files: Sam Peters will be released Summer 2019 for Nintendo Switch™.

About Secret Files 2

Famine in Africa, floods in South-east Asia, economic crisis in Europe, and civil wars in South America – the world is on the brink of disaster. Nina Kalenkow is trying to escape all of that – and her failed relationship with Max Gruber – on a nostalgic cruise to Portugal. But she is witness to a murder in the Hamburg docks and is soon thrust into the spotlight of events that encompass not only continents but also centuries.

Whilst her ex-boyfriend and scientist Max is witness to inexplicable natural catastrophes during his research into ancient Indonesian temples, Nina immerses herself, together with a Catholic priest called David Korell, deeply into the secrets of a fanatical brotherhood that prophesises the end of the world. They soon have to ask themselves what the connection is between the prophesised apocalypse and a sinister leader of an Order from the Middle Ages. Can the knowledge that lies buried in the past prevent the catastrophes that loom in the future? And what power is hidden in a thousand year-old document, for which people are still murdered for today? A terrible secret awaits her – and the world is on the brink of a shocking future.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Complete Edition's DLC and Switch-only content detailed, new screens released

A ridiculous amount of content

Check out more screens here

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Complete Edition is hitting Switch in Japan on Aug. 8th, 2019, and it's going to be jam-packed with content. In today's update about the game, we learn details on all the DLC included in this version of the game, as well as the features you'll only find in the Switch version. Check out the info below!


“SWORD ART ONLINE: FATAL BULLET Downloadable Content #1 With the help of the renowned GGO players Dyne, Yamikaze, and Musketeer X, you slowly uncover the truth behind a mysterious instance with several ArFA-sys units”

“SWORD ART ONLINE: FATAL BULLET Downloadable Content #2 Find the new dungeon and uncover the truth behind the Copy ArFA-sys.”

“It's the long-awaited third DLC pack for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet! Lievre has appeared in SBC Glocken with an eye towards destruction. Team up with Alice, Eugeo, and the rest of your crew to foil this dastardly plot!”

“Content pack that includes the Dissonance of the Nexus expansion, epilogue content that takes place in the snowy plains of GGO after the events of the main game. Also includes bonus in-game items.”

New features only for Switch

- new control options (seems to point to gyroscopic aiming)
- 8-player local multiplayer
- free update adding in a super high difficulty dungeon
- new costumes and weapons, including cameos from Bandai Namco characters

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Seteth character profile

Meet Seteth!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Twitter account has shared another character profile today, giving us a look at Seteth (voiced by Takehito Koyasu).

Seteth is the Deputy Archbishop of the Church of Seiros, and he values order and discipline above all else. While he respects Rhea’s decision to invite the protagonist at the Officer’s Academy, he cannot help but remain cautious. Seteth is also quite overprotective of his sister, Fren.

Dragalia Lost - content update for June 26th, 2019

[Castle] A new Castle Story is now live: “That Special Day: Part Two” (no end date)

[Log-in Bonus] To celebrate the release of the new Castle Story, all players can claim the following as special Log-in Bonus: Looking Glass x1 (available until July 3rd)

[Manga] Chapter 118 of the official Dragalia Lost 4-koma manga, Dragalia Life, is now available: Purity and the Merchant. Click here to check it out (also available from within the game itself) (no end date)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - content update for June 26th, 2019

[Terrain] New Terrain options are now available:

- Sky: beach-resort sky
- Background: beach resort (back)
- Middle Ground: beach resort (middle)
- Foreground: beach resort (fore)

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for June 26th, 2019

[Summoning Focus] A Summoning Focus is now back: Ylissean Summer. It features the following Special Heroes: Tiki (Summering Scion), Frederick (Horizon Watcher), Gaius (Thief Exposed), and Robin (Seaside Tactician).(available until July 26th)

[Events] The latest Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon is a re-run of the Formidable Foes one, and it’s now live. The first 8 regular stages are available right away (available until July 17th)

[Quests] A new set of Daily Quests is now live: Tap Battle – Daily (4 different sets) (available until July 3rd)

[Quests] A new set of Quests is now live: Tap Battle (available until July 17th)

Fitness Boxing gets a new Japanese promo video

Making exercise...slightly more tolerable?

Fit Boxing may not be a multi-million seller, but it certainly found an audience, and continues to sell well. It's one of those titles that reaches a unique audience, and can be promoted at all different times to reach new customers. Looks like a new ad campaign for the game has kicked off in Japan, starting with the promo video above. I'm sure there's a few new Switch owners out there who'll be more than happy to scoop this up.

Arcade Archives: Clu Clu Land hitting Switch this week

Get a Clu Clu

The next Arcade Archives game from Hamster should be one many Nintendo fans are familiar with. Arcade Archives: Clu Clu Land is set to launch on Switch on June 27th, 2019. For those who haven't ever played the game, check out an official description below.

The greedy Sea Urchins have stolen all of Clu Clu Land’s gold bars and buried them in a series of mazes. As Bubbles, a brave bubble fish, you’ll set out to uncover all of the gold bars in each maze. But you’ll have to be careful: Sea Urchins will relentlessly pursue Bubbles, and there are also dangerous black holes that must be avoided. Bubbles isn’t defenseless, though, as she has the ability to stun Sea Urchins with sound waves and quickly change direction using posts scattered throughout the stages. Not only that, but the locations of the gold bars in each maze form the outline of another object - so once you know the object, you’re well on your way to finding the gold! With 20 stages to complete and increasingly complex conditions (like having to pass over the gold bars twice to uncover them), you might just want to bring along a friend for help.

8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter updated to Version 1.25

The 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter for Switch has been updated to Version 1.25. There seems to be just one tweak with this latest firmware update, which you can check out below.

- Fixed the abnormal vibration problem of Resident Evil Revelations 2 and Splatoon 2 on switch console.

New characters and 'Gathering Point Synthesis' system detailed for Atelier Ryza: The Queen of Eternal Darkness and the Secret Hideout

The cast expands

This week's issue of Famitsu has another feature on Atelier Ryza: The Queen of Eternal Darkness and the Secret Hideout, and it includes information on 4 new characters, as well as the Gathering Point Synthesis system. Check out the full info rundown below.

Ampel Vollmer (voiced by Hirofumi Nojima) – A wandering alchemist researching the ruins. He is renting out a house in Razenboden while investigating. While he is quite knowledgeable, due to certain events that occurred in the past, he is no longer able to use alchemy. He is a battle party member.

Bohs Brunnen (voiced by Yohei Azakami) – The only son of the Brunnen family, he is an influential man in Razenboden Village. He is arrogant and prideful, but wields great political power. He has both influence and intelligence.

Lumbar Dorun (voiced by Fukushi Ochiai) – A coward who is loyal to the strong. He is loyal to Bohs, and makes fun of Ryza and friends.

Moritz Brunnen (voiced by Ryota Takeuchi) – Bohs’ father. Though he is good at what he does, he does not have a great reputation.

Gathering Point Synthesis – Create gathering points through synthesis.


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