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The one where we all become Kirby

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There's so much to talk about in recent weeks its crazy! The difference from the lull of the Wii U days to the boom of the Switch makes for a very different experience! We try to cram in all of this week's big Nintendo news, along with all the regular podcast trimmings. It's another super-sized show for you!

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Contra: Rogue Corps will get free content updates after launch

Free missions and weapons incoming

We already know that Contra: Rogue Corps is going to get some paid DLC, but it turns out there will be some free content coming as well. Director Nobuya Nakazato has stated that free post-launch updates are coming, and they will include both more missions and weapons. Those will go along with the added ability of going beyond the current level cap. No exact date was given for this content, other than post-launch.

Fortnite adds in Naruto-style run emote

Dodge every bullet with this one

Thanks to the whole Area 51 situation, Naruto running made it to the mainstream. Now there's a good chance your parents know what Naruto running is, whether you like it or not. With all those people out there who get the reference, Epic is looking to cash in. They've just added a "Full Tilt" emote to the game, which might not be Naruto-running in name, but it certainly is in action. I'm willing to bet that this sucker takes off in a big way.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle's remaining DLC characters revealed, Version 2.0 launches Nov. 21st, 2019

Version 2.0 Content Pack fully detailed

Arc System Works has revealed the final DLC characters for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. The lineup includes Celica A. Mercury from BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Elizabeth from Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Tohru Adachi from Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Hilda from Under Night In-Birth, and Susanoo from BlazBlue: Central Fiction. These characters will join the previously-announced Yumi from Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, Blitztank from Akatsuki Blitzkampf, Akatsuki from Akatsuki Blitzkampf, and Neo Politan from RWBY. They're all part of the “Version 2.0 Content Pack,” which is due out Nov. 21st, 2019, and is priced at $25.

On this same day, a free Version 2.0 update is coming as week. This update will include major balance adjustments for each character, but specifics on those adjustments were not given.

Shovel Knight Dig - more gameplay

When Drill Knight and his dastardly digging crew blast apart Shovel Knight’s peaceful campsite and steal his loot, he grabs his trusty Shovel Blade and starts tunnelling after them! Meet new friends and foes, visit strange lands, and outfit yourself in your quest to keep the entire land from collapsing underfoot! Jump, slash, and dig your way down an ever-changing chasm of mystery in Shovel Knight Dig, an all-new Shovel Knight adventure!

Mario Kart Tour set to launch at 4 AM ET on Sept. 25th, 2019

A late-night launch

Nintendo has revealed the official launch timing for Mario Kart Tour. We knew the game was coming on Sept. 25th, 2019, but now we know it'll actually go live at 4 AM ET. You might be able to download the game before then, but it won't work until everything goes live at 4 AM ET.

Miyamoto asked Aonuma to make a Zelda game with Super Mario Maker-like gameplay, which lead to the Chamber Dungeons of Link's Awakening

It's all thanks to Miyamoto

We've heard Eiji Aonuma say countless times that the Chamber Dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on Switch are the whole reason the game was remade. Now we finally have some more details on how things lined up. In an interview with IGN, Aonuma reveals that it was a request from Miyamoto that set the wheels in motion.

"I talk to Mr. Miyamoto regularly about ‘the next Zelda game,’ and one time, he asked me if I could come up with a game that features Super Mario Maker-like gameplay, but for Zelda. We talked about how a game like this for Zelda would have dungeons, but it’s generally quite difficult to devise the logic needed to solve them. So we gave some thought into a more approachable style of play where you have to think about how to arrange parts that already have a solution to create a single dungeon, instead of allowing players to create complex arrangements like in Super Mario Maker 2, and that’s how we created the Chamber Dungeons for this game.

Given that the Chamber Dungeons feature is based on using rooms that already have a solution, we went looking for examples from existing titles, and found that the dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening would be the most suitable, because each room is usually the size of a single screen, and seen from a top-down view this makes their layout easy to understand. A critical part of the Chamber Dungeon gameplay is understanding the original dungeons before arranging your own.”

DC Comics' CCO comments on Batman's inclusion in Fortnite

Happy Batman Day!

The world of Batman has collided with Fortnite as of today, bringing the Caped Crusader and more to Epic's mega-hit. Jim Lee, DC Chief Creative Officer and Publisher, shared some words on this surprising collab, which came about in honor of Batman Day.

”It’s the 80th anniversary of the Dark Knight, and we wanted to do something extra special for fans all around the world for Batman Day. I can’t imagine anything bigger than letting the legions of Fortnite players take on the cowl and enter the world of Gotham City via Tilted Towers! Epic Games has really outdone themselves in bringing the world of Batman to Battle Royale!”

Astral Chain Devblog Update: Visual Effects, Platinum Style

Getting that flashy Platinum feel

Platinum Games continues their dev blog series for Astral Chain with a new installment looking into the creation of visual effects. This blog comes from Takuo Yamamoto, visual effects artist on the game. Check out a snippet of the blog below, and then click over for the full piece.

The action in ASTRAL CHAIN is built around the player controlling both the main character and the Legion, and that’s in addition to the usual situations you can expect from an action game. That means the visual effects for combat and action scenes have to be strong and easy to understand. We kept tweaking them and tweaking them as long as the schedule would allow to achieve those goals. (They also had to be nice and flashy – PlatinumGames has a reputation to uphold, after all…)

Full blog here

Dragon Quest XI S gets a French commercial

With a ragtag band of adventurers, you’ll engage in well-balanced, turn-based battles and embark on quests across the kingdom of Erdrea. Forge gear, develop party members’ skills, and alter their outfits without changing gear in this edition of the game! This version also lets you ride and attack with monsters on the field to earn experience points, as well as change between HD or 16-bit visuals, symphonic or synth music, and English or Japanese audio. Complete the tale with new character-focused stories, and travel to past DRAGON QUEST worlds!


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