Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission - Japanese website open, a bunch of details

The following details were translated by Gematsu...

The story of a new ''Hero'' in the world of Dragon Ball. The Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game popular in game centers across Japan makes its debut on Nintendo Switch! Card battles have super-evolved from five to seven cards and battles are even faster. Create a team all your own from the cards you collected and aim to become the strongest hero!

- Cards Super Dragon Ball Heroes sets one through eight, and Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission sets one and two will appear
- a total of 1160 cards across 10 sets
- around 350 characters will appear, the highest amount in any Dragon Ball game ever
- dual-screen gameplay of the arcade version is replicated on a single screen in the Nintendo Switch version

- world where the super warriors that once flourished are now treated as heroes
- card game based on the legendary warriors developed by Capsule Corporation is the latest craze
- called Super Dragon Ball Heroes
- the game is popular in Hero Town
-  boy named Beat, who visits this town for the first time, is captivated by the ''Super Dragon Ball Heroes'' tournament shown on the video display in town
- an encounter that will change both his own destiny, and that of the world
- the journey sees him from his first encounter with ''Super Dragon Ball Heroes'' up until his rise to a ''Hero''

Title: Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission
Genre: Super Card Battle Adventure
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 2019
CERO: Pending
MSRP: Pending

Arena of Valor - Tel’Annas hero and rewards being added tomorrow

- new Hero is now available: Tel’Annas
- new set of Rewards is now live: New Hero: Tel’Annas (available until October 26th, refreshes daily)

Stardew Valley - collector's edition releasing in Japan early next year

A Nintendo Switch collector’s edition for Stardew Valley is coming to Japan. The package, releasing on January 31, will retail for 3500 yen. It will include the following...

- a beginner’s starting guide
- Soundtrack CD
- Pelican Town map

For more screenshots and information, you can find the website here.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - content update for October 22/23, 2018

October 22
new set of Stamp Trade rewards is available: Spring Flowers (reissue). (available until November 21)

October 23
- next event is a Fishing Tourney, and it goes live on October 23

Fire Emblem Heroes - Brave Redux Summoning Focus incoming tomorrow

A new Summoning Focus, called Brave Redux, is scheduled for release tomorrow. The following 5 Star Focus heroes will join the line-up...

- Loki, the Trickster (from Fire Emblem Heroes). Voice actor Erika Ishii, artist is Maeshima Shigeki
- Kliff, Curious Spirit (from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia). Voice actor Christopher Patton, artist is Tobi
- Owain, Chosen One (from Fire Emblem Awakening). Voice actor Kaiji Tang, artist is Suekane Kumiko

Famitsu print ad - Splatoon Koshien 2019 Official Fan Book Advert

Nintendo is releasing their Splatoon Koshien 2019 Official Fan Book in the near future, which is why they're drumming up some interest in the latest issue of Famitsu. Can't wait to get a look inside this book when it releases!