Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby coming in August to Japanese Switch owners

Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby, an Otome visual novel collection, is coming to Japanese Switch owners on August 29. The Brothers Conflict games originally released on the PSP, after which they came to PS Vita in 2016. This new console version will set players back 6800 yen for a standard edition, while the limited edition costs 8800 yen.

Here is an overview from the PS Vita version...

After her father remarried, the protagonist adopts the new surname “Asahina” and moves into an apartment complex with her new band of brothers. However, the protagonist coming into what was once a men-only household causes some discord in the previously peaceful home.

The brothers, who eventually develop feelings for the protagonist, become rivals…

This is the start of a taboo brothers love story that occurs under the same roof. How will it turn out in the end…?

Bullet hell shooter ESP RA.DE. coming to Nintendo Switch in late 2019

M2 have announced that the M2ShotTriggers version of 1998's ESP RA.DE. will release on Nintendo Switch. The game, a bullet hell shoot ’em up, comes to the platform in late 2019.

Dragalia Lost - content update for May 20, 2019

- Three new Void Battle enemies are now live: Amber Golem (light), Gust Shroom (wind), and Violet Ghost (shadow). Also, new craftable weapons and drop rewards have been added: check out this page for more details! (no end date)
- new schedule for Void Battles is now live (available until May 31)
- new set of Endeavours is now available: Void Battles (Daily and Limited) (available until May 31)
- Main campaign double mana event is now live. While it’s running, you can get twice the usual amount of mana from main campaign quests (available until May 31)
- Support for beginners! Standard daily endeavor event is now live. While it’s running, you can get more rewards from standard daily endeavors (available until May 31)
-  next Summon Showcase is called Eastern Emissaries, and it’s now live. More details on this page! (available until May 27)
- new set of Wyrmprints is now available via Treasure Trade: [5 ★] Happy New Year!, [5 ★] Heralds of Hinomoto, [4 ★] Hanetsuki Rally (available until May 27)
- latest 1-koma panel is now available (no end date)
- Chapter 103 of the official Dragalia Lost 4-koma manga, Dragalia Life, is now available: Training Time!. Click here to check them out (also available from within the game itself) (no end date)

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for May 20, 2019

- The Bound Hero Battle feat. Corrin & Kanna is now back (available until May 27)
- new set of Quests is now live: Bound Hero Battles (available until May 27)

Fire Emblem Heroes - Bridal Belonging Summoning Focus starting tomorrow

Tomorrow, on May 21, a brand new Summoning Focus will be live in Fire Emblem Heroes. This Summoning Focus, named Bridal Belonging, sees four characters in dresses and suits. The promotion will run exactly for a month (June 21), and will bring new quest and a story chapter.

The four characters are...

- Tanith: Forthright Heart. Voiced by Katelyn Gault. Artist: mattsun!
- Sigrun: Steadfast Bride. Voiced by Megan Lee. Artist: pikomaro
- Pent: Fancy Fiancé. Voiced by Jamison Boaz. Artist: Wada Sachiko
- Fjorm: Bride of Rime. Voiced by Heather Watson. Artist: Maeshima Shigeki

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - introduction to Ferdinant

The following information was translated by Perfectly Nintendo...

Ferdinant (voiced by Taito Ban)
- a member of the Black Eagles house, and the heir of the Duke of Egil
- members of his family have served as Primer Ministers of the Adrestian Empire for generations
- rather prideful individual, who is quite proud of his own family, but also a sore loser
- strong sense of rivalry with anyone, even with Edelgard herself (the future Empress)

Pokemon Sword & Shield - winning Uniqlo shirt will appear in-game, trainer customization confirmed

Uniqlo and The Pokemon Company held a competition to design a Pokemon shirt. In light of the winner being announced, a new feature has been announced for Sword & Shield. The winning t-shirt, which showcases Gyarados and Magikarp, will become a custom clothing in the game. In theory, this means that trainer customization will be back.