Metroid amiibo 2-pack looks set for retail return

Having trouble finding the Samus and Metroid amiibo 2-pack? It seems like most retailers sold out fairly quickly, but Nintendo could have a fix quite soon. According to CPSIA listings, it seems the 2-pack has received another round of manufacturing in November. If that's the case, we should expect to see the 2-pack hit retail again very soon.

Legrand Legacy devs talk about optimizing the game for Switch, tease "pleasant and fun surprise"

The following is a snippet of a NintendoChitChat interview with Semisoft...

NCC: Do you anticipate any differences between the Switch version of Legrand Legacy and the PC release?

S: We are trying our best to have minimal difference on the graphics side, but considering that Legrand Legacy is quite heavy on processing power and RAM, we might have slight (hopefully unnoticeable) optimization.

Aside from that, there will certainly be new content and cross promotional content in there as well, although we still can’t divulge the details right now, but be prepared for a pleasant and fun surprise. =)

Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae releases solo album

THREE MOVEMENTS is the first-ever solo album by the legendary Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae, which celebrates her thirty years of working as a composer in the video game industry. Matsumae’s career began in 1987 when she graduated from the Osaka University of Arts and joined Capcom’s Sound Production Department that same year.

The solo album features Matsumae’s signature catchy and memorable tunes while showcasing a new side of her that fans rarely get to see. She ventures into chiptunes, trance, orchestral, and ambient soundscapes – woven into a classical narrative that splits this blend of genres into three distinct parts. “By this point, I've created music for a number of video games,” says Matsumae about the album’s diverse lineup of tracks. “These songs come in a variety of genres, and I want everyone to listen to the different styles I've experienced throughout the years, which is why I ended up creating my album in this fashion.”

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection International leaving Japanese fans angry, including Platinum's Hideki Kamiya

As we talked about the other day, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is seeing release in Japan as Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection International. All seemed well and good, until Japanese fans read some fine print for the game.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection International content is "based on the overseas versions, the titles, voicing, and text will be in English.” On top of that, the Street Fighter Alpha series, known as the Street Fighter Zero in Japan, is using English names/titles.

These decisions have made Japanese fans extremely angry, with many taking to social media to voice concerns. Among those upset with the decision is Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya. He said on Twitter that Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection's Japanese release was lazy, and nothing but a quick cash grab by Capcom.

Bomber Crew soundtrack available on Steam

Hear the sounds of the smash hit Bomber Crew, with this Official Soundtrack!

Remastered for full aural enjoyment, the Bomber Crew Official Soundtrack features the songs and tunes of the smash hit game, without the fear of losing your crew or watching your Bomber fall from the sky!

Track list:
01 - First Take Off – 00:37
02 - Skies On Fire – 02:10
03 - Enemies Spotted – 01:14
04 - Bravery Or Foolishness? – 01:29
05 - Felix Feder – 01:11
06 - Wings Of Hope – 01:23
07 - Enemies Ahead – 01:27
08 - Man The Turrets – 01:03
09 - Drums Of War – 00:57
10 - Gunnar Günther – 01:12
11 - Glory To Those Who Fly – 01:44
12 - Call To Arms – 01:09
13 - Relentless Battle – 01:24
14 - Despair over the Losses – 02:24
15 - Bruno Brennen – 01:29
16 - Home At Last – 01:05
17 - Night Sentinels – 01:27
18 - Iron Angels – 01:17
19 - Incoming Fighters – 01:03
20 - Merrick Jäger – 01:03
21 - Freedom’s Sky – 01:15
22 – Undetectable – 01:24
23 - Wings Of Steel – 01:12
24 - Shredded Skies – 01:18
25 - Kaspar von Knall – 01:12
26 - Hero’s Rest – 01:11
27 – Looming Threat – 01:05
28 – Flying Hell – 01:11
29 – On The Wings Of Freedom – 00:54
30 – Franziska Festung – 01:27
31 – The Calm Before The Storm – 01:52
32 – Never Forget – 00:52
33 – Through Enemy Lines – 01:18
34 – Unstable Storm – 01:26
35 – Sonja Schnellmann – 01:12
36 – Fallen Soldiers – 01:08
37 – Ascending Tension – 01:12
38 – Sky Skirmish – 01:03
39 – Tireless Foes – 01:38
40 – Last Chance – 01:02
41 – Chaos In The Skies – 01:36
42 - Kaiser Von Düsen – 01:54
43 – Dawn Of A New Era – 01:24
44 – Welcome to the RAF – No Brass (Bonus Track) – 00:53
45 – Welcome to the RAF (Bonus Track) – 00:54
46 – Looming Threat – Brass Version (Bonus Track) – 01:08
47 – First Take Off – Night Variant (Bonus Track) – 00:38
48 – Skies On Fire – Critical (Bonus Track) – 02:18
49 – Give The Heroes A Medal (Bonus Track) – 01:02

Composed & Produced by Petros Sklias at Markhor Music
Mastered by Jacob Ware at Right Sound Mastering

Soundtrack here

Kirby erasers and chopstick set heading to Japan

Talk about two random sets of Kirby merch! You have the Eraser set in the top image, due out late February in Japan, and then the Kirby chopstick set arriving April 2018. I'm guessing there's absolutely zero chance for official release for either of these stateside, but import retailers should snatch up the eraser set at the very least.

Nintendo Network - A recap on the massive amounts of maintenance taking place this week

Lots of maintenance this week to take care of. Keep tabs on the scheduled, and make sure you don't plan some gaming time when maintenance is going on.

Teyon revealing two Switch titles this week

Teyon Japan has some exciting news for Switch fans. The company has said that they have two Switch games set for reveal this week. They didn't give any specifics, but they did note that these games are not Wii U ports. I guess we'll find out what these games are soon enough!

Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura - Murasaki DLC revealed

Shinobi Refle -Senran Kagura- is set for some new DLC. It's been revealed that Murasaki will be added as a new character. The DLC will cost ¥1,000, and should be out in Japan before Feb. 2018. Check out more screens here.