My Friend Pedro nearing 500k sold

That's bananas!

Looks like Devolver Digital has another hit on their hands. A blog post on the publisher's website confirms that nearly 500k copies have been shifted so far, which is quite the achievement! The game is only available on PC and Switch right now, but we don't have info on what the split is. Either way, it looks like plenty of people were eager to give this off-the-wall game a shot!

SEGA asks fans what feature they'd most like to see in a new Super Monkey Ball


SEGA has shared a second tweet concerning the topic of a new Super Monkey Ball game. The tweet asked fans to vote on what feature they'd most like to see in a new Super Monkey Ball title, and most fans picked the 'Stage Maker' option. Also included as choices were 'Mission Mode,' 'Character Maker,' and 'Network Competition.'

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays upcoming DLC detailed

Gundam, Gundman, and more Gundam

Bandai Namco released a 30-minute 'trailer' for SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays earlier today, which contained a wealth of gameplay and more. Along with that gameplay, we learned about some of the DLC that is heading to the game. Players can look forward to Gundam X, Turn A Gundam, and Gundam AGE coming out in Dec. 2019, and new pilot abilities will be added in as well.
The team is also working on a Season Pass, which will provide new content for the game up to March 2020.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate's Yang Jian gets a complete rundown

Yang gang

Koei Tecmo released an English trailer for Yang Jian earlier today, but we learned about the character's existence last week due to a Japanese announcement. Now, to go along with today's trailer, we also have a wealth of info on the character himself. Check out the complete rundown below.

Yang Jian (voiced by Daisuke Matsubara)

Known as the “Genius Taoist Who Delivers Victory,” Jian descended from his mystic land to help control the turmoil in the new world. He is always calm and collected, and possesses great intuition. He goes to war with a deadly tri-point double-edged glaive, and always has his divine canine companion Xiaotian fighting by his side. A Taoist mystic, Jian is thought to be a genius obsessed with perfection, but in truth, he is simply an extremely hard-working person and exactly the type of warrior who can help bring Odin’s army to its knees.

■ New Stories and Side Stories

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate delivers exciting new story elements, including side stories, to the electrifying franchise as the heroes from Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, and the gods of ancient history team up to fight the powerful Odin and his army who have set out to destroy the world. Who was the mastermind inciting Odin, and how will side stories like Zhong Hui’s undercover activity as a spy come into play? The truth is finally revealed in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate.

In total, more than 30 additional scenarios have been added.

■ New Mode and Additional Activities

New elements such as “Infinite Mode” and the further enhanced “Reincarnation” system have been added.

Infinite Mode

A mode where you must clear various challenges issued by Zeus. You can receive many rewards such as experience points and attribute parts, allowing you to fully enjoy leveling up and alchemy.

Challenge Mode

Two new courses, “Godspeed” and “Destuction,” have been added to “Challenge Mode.” Through the online leaderboards, you can compete against other players’ scores.


Race against the clock until you defeat 1,000 enemies. Quickness and efficiency are the key elements of this course.


Compete for “Destruction Points” by breaking wodden boxes and such within the time limit. Slip through enemy attacks and destroy the objects with efficiency.

■ Greater Musou Action

The Sacred Treasure that were previously fixed to each character can now be freely mixed and matched, allowing you to play with your best combination, and perform new switch combos and Musou switch combos.

■ Other Improvements

Other quality-of-life improvements have also been added, including an updated user interface with a focus on ease of use, starting with a change a ring-style officer selection menu.

Other convenient features such as the addition of a batch setting feature for weapon disassembly and sale, allowing you to easily dispose of unneeded weapons.

Experience Ring Fit Adventure on Oct. 19th, 2019 at select Best Buy Stores

Work up a sweat at Best Buy

This weekend, explore a fantastical world and defeat enemies using real-life exercise’s with Ring Fit Adventure.

Visit select Best Buy stores on Saturday from 1:00pm – 4:00pm (local time).

The new Ring-Con™ and Leg Strap accessories respond to your real-world movements, allowing the game to turn them into in-game actions. With additional minigames and customizable workout routines, Ring Fit Adventure is a great escape for players of all skill levels and schedules.

For more information on Ring Fit Adventure, check out the official site: https://ringfitadventure.nintendo.com/

Check out the full rundown of participating locations here

Nintendo Canada announces Ring Fit Adventure kiosk events

Go hands-on at a special event!

Join us at the Nintendo Kiosk locations to take part in events and purchase awesome Nintendo merchandise! We carry a wide variety of Mario and Friends plush, hats, t-shirts and a ton more!

Don’t forget to check this page regularly for more information on exclusive events, new merchandise and limited time promotions!

(Level 1, Centre Court) (Located east of the Deep Sea Adventure Lake)
50 Rideau St. 8882-170th St.
Ottawa, ON. K1N 9J7 Edmonton, AB. T5T 4J2

Ring Fit Adventure Launch Event!

Swing by to explore a huge fantastical world and defeat enemies with attacks based on real-life exercise! Learn how you can customize your exercise experience and make it fun by playing the Ring Fit Adventure game at either of our Nintendo Kiosk locations during this launch event. Don’t forget to pick up an exiting giveaway after you try the game (limited 1 per person, while supplies last)!

Dates and times: October 19, 20, 28 and 29 at 12 – 6 PM

Game Informer Video - The Full History Of Push The Button In Jackbox Party Pack 6

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Ben Hanson interviews Jackbox Games' Warren Arnold about directing Push the Button in Jackbox Party Pack 6 and how it was inspired by tabletop games like Secret Hitler.

Just Ignore Them - another round of footage

Growing up we all knew that one kid who was absolutely terrified of the dark and convinced that there were monsters hiding beneath his bed, but what if it were true?

ZikSquare - more gameplay

ZikSquare brings you a new concept! Each musical note is played by the game and is a block that your character has to slide on, to jump on or to dodge.

Check out a video tour of Pokemon Center London

A look inside the pop-up shop

Pokemon Center London has been a huge hit. Unfortunately, the pop-up has been so popular that some fans were turned away from access. If you didn't have a chance to check out the location for yourself, the next best thing is to watch the above video tour of the Center!


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