Nintendo TOKYO announces their playable game lineup

All the big hits

Nintendo TOKYO is opening on Nov. 22nd, 2019, and it's going to let visitors enjoy various games while they're there. People will be able to play Ring Fit Adventure on the giant video screen, and other games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Super Mario Odyssey will be available as well.

Smash Bros. Ultimate 'Pokemon Sword and Shield' Spirit Board event announced

Get in the spirit of Pokemon

Another week, another Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Board event This time around we're getting some Pokemon Sword and Shield action, with four new spirits from the Galar region joining the battle. This Spirit Board event kicks off on Nov. 22nd, 2019, and lasts for five dates.

Overwatch voice actors cosplay as the characters they voice

Getting into character

We don't often get to see the faces behind the voices of some of our favorite game characters. It's always nice to put a face to a voice, but this is a step beyond! In the photo above, you see voice actors Carolina Ravassa (Sombra), Anjali Bhimani (Symmetra) and Matthew Mercer (McCree) representing their in-game counterparts. I'd say they look just as great as they sound!

The Cat Mario Show - Ep. 152 (Pokemon Sword and Shield, The Stretchers, Sumikko Gurashi)

The latest episode of the Cat Mario show is available. This episode features Pokemon Sword and Shield, The Stretchers, and Sumikko Gurashi.

Smash Bros. player working on a hand-warming GameCube controller

You've gotta hand it to him

Here's something I didn't know about competitive gamers. A decent amount of them bring handwarmers to events in order to keep their hands literally warmed up. Warmer hands are able to move quicker, and a lot of tournament events are kept extra cool due to all the electronics and people that attend.

The act of warming up hands at events is so prevalent that Smash Bros. Melee player Morne has been working on the above prototype. It's a GameCube controller that warms your hands as you play, and is powered by an external power source. This is just the first design Morne has worked on, and a more sophisticated version is already being put together. It'll be interesting to see just how far this idea goes!

Limited Run Games releasing physical version of 2064: Read Only Memories INTEGRAL

The cyberpunk thriller goes phyiscal

2064: Read Only Memories INTEGRAL, one of my favorite games on Switch, is getting a physical release courtesy of Limited Run Games. You'll be able to snag a copy come Nov. 29th, 2019. There are standard and collector's editions, with the collector's edition including an artbook, poster, soundtrack, and Turing metal pin.

Also worth noting, since 2064 and VA-II share the same universe, the two physical releases from Limited Run Games create a shared universe panoramic art spread between them.

New footage for HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed revealed, game due out Winter 2019

Toy soldiers incoming

HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed was announced for Switch awhile back, and it looks like the game is making great progress. You can see footage of the Switch version above, which certainly seems impressive. The game will run at 30fps, support Gyro controls, and will release sometime in Winter 2019.

VA-11 HALL-A gets a Limited Run on Switch November 29th, 2019

Another fantastic retail package

Limited Run Games has lined up their next physical release. VA-11 HALL-A is going to be up for grabs come Nov. 29th, 2019.

As usual, there will be a standard and collector's edition. The collector's edition includes a reversible 18" by 24" poster, official art-book, soundtrack, a Dorothy enamel magnet, and CE box that reveals exclusive panoramic art.

Warframe's "Old Blood" update in the certification process for Switch

Bloody delays

Warframe's Old Blood update is definitely coming to Switch, but we're not quite sure yet. It appears there might be a delay, but it shouldn't be too long. Check out the latest from the dev team on the situation below.

The Old Blood: Update 26.0.6 continues to be in the Cert process, so it’s possible Nintendo Switch won’t launch alongside PS4 & Xbox One today. We're coordinating with all parties to see where we can help! We’re sorry about the delay - thank you so much for your patience. We’ll let you know here as soon as we have more info.

Japanese eShop releases for the week of Nov. 28th, 2019 (plus screens)

Anything interesting?

Here's the brave games releasing for the Switch in Japan a couple weeks after Pokemon Sword and Shield launched. Will any of them make a dent? We'll just have to sit back and watch!

- Flowers: Les Quatre Saisons
- SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays
- Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Infinite Combate
- Japanese Rail Sim 3D: Journey to Kyoto
- Voxel Galaxy
- Gensou Kissa Enchanté
- Harvest Life
- Kaminazo Mirai Karano Omoide


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