Patch now available for Ori and the Will of the Wisps

What's the story, Ori?

While seeing Ori and the Will of the Wisps on Switch has been quite magical, there have been a handful of bugs and glitches hampering the experience. Moon Studios is out to fix those issues with today's patch. Check out full details on the update below.

Last month, we surprised everyone by fulfilling the number one community request since the launch of Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Bring it to the Switch! We heard you loud and clear and are so thankful for the support and love from the Ori community. Moon Studios have been hard at work improving your Ori experience on the Switch, and the update includes:

Stability fixes to address multiple memory crashes, a graphical crash, and a docked/undocked swap crash.
Spirit Trial leaderboards and ghosts updated to show your friends scores and routes.
Improved Spirit Trial framerate performance.
Fixed multiple instances of Ori falling out of world due to scene loading race conditions.
Curtailed internet popup warning when swapping from online to offline during gameplay.

My Nintendo adds a series of Pikmin 3 Deluxe wallpapers

Pik your favorite!

While Nintendo has been adding a number of physical rewards to My Nintendo recently, they're back to basics for Pikmin 3 Deluxe. If you've got some spare Platinum Points sitting around, Nintendo has a series of different Pikmin 3 Deluxe wallpapers up for grabs. You can see the entire lineup above, and as usual, each one comes in mobile and PC sizes. You can access all the wallpapers here.

Take Part in Pokémon GO’s GO Battle League: Halloween Cup

Spooky fun in Pokemon GO

Niantic is making sure Pokemon GO players have some extra special fun to enjoy during the Halloween season with a themed GO Battle League event. You'll only have a few days to get in on this one, so don't miss out!

Things are getting a little spooky in Pokémon GO's GO Battle League—from Monday, October 26, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. PDT to Tuesday, November 3, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. PST, players can take part in the Halloween Cup. In this format, you can bring only Poison-, Bug-, Ghost-, Dark-, or Fairy-type Pokémon with 1500 CP or less into battle. You'll want to bring the best of the best to this creepy competition, as competing will earn you reward encounters with special costumed Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle!

Pokémon Ranked Battles Series 7 for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Starts November 1st, 2020

Good luck, trainers

Ready for your next battle in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Series 7 of Ranked Battles kicks off November 1st, 2020, and you can get full details on the rules and regulations in the press release below.

A new Ranked Battles series is kicking off November 1, and Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Trainers need to know which Pokémon can be included on their teams. The Series 7 regulations will also be in effect for the Pokémon Players Cup II Region Qualifiers and upcoming Pokémon Video Game Championship events.

For Series 7, Pokémon that were banned in Series 6 will return, making all Pokémon that were legal in Series 5 usable once again. Although Mythical Pokémon remain excluded, many Pokémon from The Crown Tundra will now be allowed—including a large number of Legendary Pokémon, though some of them will not have Crown Tundra Pokédex numbers.

For a summary of all Video Game Championships tournament rules, see below. You can also check out the Play! Pokémon Rules & Resources page to see complete Play! Pokémon VG rules and formats.

Eligible Pokémon

Pokémon need to have either the Galar symbol—showing that they were caught, received, or hatched in the Galar region—or the battle-ready symbol, showing that they were transferred from another game and adapted to battles in the Galar region.

All Pokémon from the Galar Pokédex, the Isle of Armor Pokédex, and the Crown Tundra Pokédex as well as certain other Pokémon are permitted except for Mythical Pokémon and certain Legendary Pokémon.

Pokémon with the Gigantamax Factor are permitted.

All Pokémon will be set to Lv. 50, including Pokémon below Lv. 50.

Duplicate Pokémon are not allowed.

Duplicate held items are not allowed.

Timer Regulations

Each battle begins with a 90-second Team Preview phase.

In each battle, players have the following time limits.

7 minutes of Your Time

45 seconds of Move Time

20 minutes of Game Time

Target offering free tech badge with Pikmin 3 Deluxe purchases

Worth the trip!

Still trying to pick the best place to pre-order your physical copy of Pikmin 3 Deluxe? Perhaps you should go with Target, as they're offering a free tech badge with your purchase. This is an in-store deal only, so you'll have to make your way to your local Target if you want to secure this deal.

Pokemon Cafe locations to offerChristmas Home Party Sets

Celebrate Christmas with Pikachu

Pokemon Cafe locations have some big plans for the Christmas season. In just a few days, fans will be able to make reservations for Pokemon Cafe Christmas Home Party Sets, which are chock-full of holiday goodies. The package includes chocolate-filled Pikachu-shaped Christmas Cake, plus a bounty of other Christmas-themed decorations and flatware. The whole set is priced at ¥8,800, and is available from November 17th to December 11th, 2020.

Alien: Isolation was almost a third-person game

We almost got a very different experience

Alien: Isolation is one of the scariest games to release in recent memory, and a lot of that has to do with the first-person camera. You only get so much insight into what's coming at you, and you can't spin the camera around your character to get an early look at what might be hiding around a corner. Turns out we almost had the opportunity to do just that.

The documentary above reveals that during development, Alien: Isolation was a third-person game. Obviously things changed quite a bit between the game's development and final release, giving us the first-person game we all know today. Give the doc a watch and see how it all came together.

Head of Xbox talks about the expectation for their games on Switch

You never know what will happen

Microsoft and Nintendo have been working closely together for awhile now, and it has resulted in all sorts of content coming to Switch. We've seen some Microsoft-owned characters come to Smash Bros. Ultimate, numerous Xbox games land on Switch, and much more. That has caused a situation where customers now wonder if each big Xbox title will find its way to Switch at some point. Microsoft's Phil Spencer talked about these expectations in a GameReactor interview.

The question that we get then is sometimes, what about this specific closed platform? And that I really mean there is we're either kind of all in or not all in on one of these closed platforms. I don't think its healthy where for every first-party game that comes out I have to get the question, is that coming to Switch or is that coming to Switch, and it not because, I love Nintendo and our relationship with what we are doing, that want us to be all in or not, and there is this expectation from customers like there is now on PC, where people don't really question - there might be some timing things, on when certain things happen - but if we are shipping a first-party game it's coming to PC. If we are shipping a first-party game on PC it's coming to Steam and our own store. Like we built an expectation from our customers. That's my goal, and then there will be, as you said, maybe little anomalies every so often and because of relationships and certain developers that want to do certain things, but my goal is: make games as playable by as many people as possible so that this art form continues to grow. And I wanna be all in on the places where Xbox is, so a customer of those platforms can have an expectation that I'm gonna get to go play. And I feel good about the games that we are building, and I feel good about that on PC.

Fortnite will see "many years of Marvel integration," current storyline is "just the beginning," says Epic

Marvelous news!

The current season in Fortnite is all about Marvel, and its seen a ton of integration with the comic brand through skins, storylines, and more. While the season may be coming to an end somewhat soon, don't expect the Marvel tie-ins to disappear. According to Fortnite boss Donald Mustard, things are just getting started.

Mustard shared some insight into future Marvel collabs on the This Week in Marvel podcast. You can see his full comments below.

"The reason we called this season Nexus War is that this is just the start of lots of stuff we have planned for many years of Marvel integration. This is not the end, this is the beginning. We thought a really good POV-style character which could set this up [earlier this year] was Deadpool, kind of fourth-wall breaking. And then Cap in July, building up to this moment...

We had this moment in Fortnite which happened around a year ago where... the Zero Point reorganised all the matter around the island and kind of created this new island. That's the moment that attracted Galactus. [He] felt this re-organising of reality and was like 'huh, there's this energy source at the centre of everything and if I can consume that, I can consume not just the Marvel reality but I can consume everything.'

What if instead of treating [Fortnite's story] like a normal narrative, I'm going to create a world where the island is the main character - so I'm going to treat the island like that traditional arc. And we've planned it that way. Like, I have the story and the narrative structure planned out for many, many, many years. And we're only three years in to an arc we have way planned out - like, the big beats of how that'll work.

Over the years, players will understand why when they embody or inhabit a character like Wolverine or Iron Man this season.
There are some really big hints on the mythology of Fortnite in this season right now, as players start to understand why Thor is losing his abilities... that stuff is going to be real to players, part of the philosophy..."

Redeem your points to get a free keychain or pin with purchase of $50 or more at Nintendo NY

Keys to the kingdom

If you're a My Nintendo member that lives/around NYC, there's a special deal for you. My Nintendo is offering a way for you to grab a special keychain from Nintendo NY, and all it costs is 75 Platinum Points. Get the full details on this offer below.

Redeem 75 My Nintendo Platinum Points to download and receive a downloadable coupon for a free character key chain or pin with your purchase of $50 or more at the official Nintendo store in NYC. Make your trip to Nintendo NY a special one!

Size: Letter size
How to receive:
1) Select “Redeem”
2) Select “Download”

Must present coupon at time of purchase of single item priced $50 or more at Nintendo NY to receive free item. Limit one coupon per customer. Good for one (1) free character keychain or pin per customer. Void if copied, altered, transferred, purchased, sold, or restricted by law. May not be combined with any other offers, discounts, or promotions. Valid only at Nintendo NY while supplies last. No rain checks or substitutions. No cash value. Coupon not valid on prior purchases. (Expires 1/31/21)


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