Fire Emblem Heroes hits #3 top-grossing on iOS daily charts (U.S.)

Fire Emblem Heroes is probably the mobile game Nintendo is most proud of. While it doesn't have a huge install base, the people who do have the game here in the states are more than willing to pay for content. How many of you are still playing, and furthermore, spending cash on content?

IGN - Zelda: Breath of the Wild director has "lots of ideas and motivation" for the future of Zelda

The following comes from an IGN interview with director Hidemaro Fujibayashi and producer Eiji Aonuma...

Hidemaro Fujibayashi: “I can't say at this point if it will be in sequels or in continuations, or what form it will take, but I definitely have lots of ideas and lots of motivation right now. I think while we were working on both the main game and the DLC, it was a process of constantly getting lots of different, new ideas as we refined the game, and finding new things we wanted to do. Even in situations like this, talking to people and finding out that people want to pet dogs gives me a lot of motivation, a lot of ideas for things we could put into the game.”

Eiji Aonuma: “What we learned from the DLC this time around is that it's almost like raising the world or enhancing the world. In the past, we always had to start from zero again, to completion. Usually we'd be thinking, ‘oh, I wish we could add this, we could do that.’ What we couldn't do in that game, we would start fresh in a new game. But because we did a DLC, we realized it's a great way to kind of just improve that world, and kind of enhance it, and kind of raise it like your own child.”


With the next Zelda game already underway, you can bet some of the ideas Fujibayashi mentions are being worked on right now. It'll probably be years before we get to play the game, but it's still exciting, nonetheless!

Shantae's Rottytops wins poll, will get a CharaGumin figurine

Wow, I actually predicted a winner correctly! It was a hell of a close fight, but Rottytops won out, meaning she'll be turned into the next CharaGumin figurine.

Random Time! - Smash Bros. fans continue to air their requests via WWE pay-per-view events

There have been all sorts of Nintendo-themed signs at WWE events, including mentions of a Waluigi amiibo, and Smash Bros. changes. Last night at WWE Clash of Champions, a Smash Bros. fan put together a couple of signs requesting some changes for the game. Think Nintendo will listen?!

Random Time! - Playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild with DK Bongos

People are always looking for fun, wacky, and unique ways to extend the life of their favorite games. Case in point, this player who is using DK Bongos to slam his way through Breath of the Wild. Talk about a method which requires a ton of patience!

Kirby Nokkari Mugs hitting Japan in April 2018

Two lovely Kirby-themed mugs are on their way to Japan in April 2018. I think I'd go with the Maxim Tomato option. That way I'd feel like I'm fully replenishing my health with every sip!

Next Up Hero - latest trailer

The Ceaseless Dirge has attacked! Fight as the Legendary Heroes against tough-as-nails mechs and monsters. Every time you die, you leave behind an Echo who can be raised by the next player. The more heroes who die, the stronger we all become, until we win together. Are you a Hero? Good. You’re up next.