RUMOR - Oninaki will NOT receive a physical release in the United States

Because this information comes from an email instead of an official statement, this information will be considered as a "rumor" for the time being. With that said, here's hoping that Square Enix does make an official statement, and with any luck, here's hoping that there WILL be a physical release of the game. 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Pre-order the game at GameStop, get a themed pin

Crystal Crisis soundtrack sample - 'Isaac' theme

The latest soundtrack sample

Here's Isaac's theme from Crystal Crisis, the ultimate puzzle-battle/character-crossover game for Nintendo Switch and PS4! Originally written by Matthias Bossi and Jon Evans for the video game The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, performed by UMI☆KUUN and produced by Toshihiro.

Deep Silver releases retail versions of This War Of Mine: Complete Edition and Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse

Two more retail titles from Deep Silver

This War Of Mine: Complete Edition for the first time contains the Anniversary Edition of the base game as well as all major DLCs of the critically acclaimed anti-war survival game. This War Of Mine gives insight into the heavy burden that survivors must carry during times of war and has continuously been expanded with new stories, scenarios, further civilians, and additional locations since its launch in 2014. The game is now available in stores for Nintendo Switch at a SRP of $39.99.

Broken Sword 5 – the Serpent’s Curse delivers an enhanced edition on Nintendo Switch that features a reimagined User Interface designed to take full advantage of Nintendo Switch’s functionality, allowing players to seamlessly switch between Joy-Con and touch screen play.

Mixing sharp wit, historical authenticity with intrigue, Broken Sword 5 – the Serpent’s Curse has secured its place as a favorite with fans of the series, whilst also winning over a new generation of players. Broken Sword 5: the Serpent’s Curse is available today at an SRP of $39.99.

Super Real Mahjong PVI - more gameplay

The sixth arcade game in the Super Real Mahjong series. In a manner extremely similar to previous entries in the series, you play strip mahjong with three lovely females, this time around with Tamami Kayama, Yukari Kinomiya, and Mari Kurihara. This game, however, has a new feature: an “emotion system.” Each girl has a heart meter, and if you manage to fill them all, you can play against the secret fourth opponent.

To All Mankind gets a 2-hour live-stream event

Can you survive for 2 hours?

If you've got a spare 2 hours and you're really looking forward to To All Mankind, we have the perfect video for you. The team behind To All Mankind has shared a two-hour live-stream event that shares artwork, gameplay, and more. Check out the full recording above.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen gets a third Japanese instructional video

The critically acclaimed action-RPG Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen combines exhilarating and deep combat with the freedom to explore a huge open world. Enter the high-fantasy setting of Gransys, a land where dragons, chimeras, and other fabled monsters roam.

Psikyo Collection Vol. 1/2/3 - promo video

Psikyo Collection Vol. 1, 2, and 3 are all either available on Switch or heading to Switch, and the trailer above gives a look at all the shmup action packed into each volume.

WarnerMedia and ELEAGUE team up for Mortal Kombat 11 eSports series

Get over here and FIGHT

WarnerMedia today announced plans for an unprecedented collaboration among its videogaming and esports-centric businesses that will allow fans to prove their Mortal Kombat 11 skills in a unique tournament series, run by ELEAGUE, for the newly-released title. Top-performing gamers will win cash prizes and trips to compete in front of scores of fans at RTX, July 5-7, in Austin, Texas, Rooster Teeth’s annual fan convention and Texas’s largest animation, gaming and comedy experience.

This multi-faceted initiative – the ELEAGUE x MK 11 Arena at RTX Austin presented by AT&T* Fiber – represents a first-of-its-kind deployment of WarnerMedia’s combined assets, platforms, brands and products across the videogaming and esports spaces, and will feature many of its fan-favorite content, event and game publishing brands and interests including:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s recently-released Mortal Kombat 11, the latest game in NetherRealm Studios’ award-winning franchise.

Live and packaged tournament coverage across the digital, social and television platforms of award-winning esports content and live event brand ELEAGUE.

Original content from Otter Media’s Rooster Teeth, including Mortal Kombat 11 gameplay videos from Achievement Hunterand Funhaus, promoting the open online tournaments leading up to RTX.

Tournament organization and administration via the Battlefy platform.

Presenting sponsorship from AT&T Fiber, bringing gamers fiber fast speeds(1), starting with a 1000Mbps connection, and low lag to run raids or scope out targets with a proven 99% reliable internet connection(2).

Competition Series Format

The road to the ELEAGUE x MK 11 Arena at RTX Austin presented by AT&T Fiber will begin with a series of six open online tournaments, each hosted by a top-ranked professional Mortal Kombat 11 player and run on the Battlefy platform. The winner of each online tournament will earn a cash prize and a trip to RTX. The Grand Final tournament will be held Saturday, July 6, from the Arena, with live coverage available on the ELEAGUETV Twitch channel. ELEAGUE will also create a one-hour packaged show highlighting the best moments from the Grand Final tournament, which will premiere later this Summer on TBS.

Open Tournament Registration

Interested players should register for tournament(s) here. Additional details including tournament dates, rules and other information are all available on the sign-up page.

Additional details surrounding the ELEAGUE x MK 11 Arena at RTX Austin presented by AT&T Fiber will be announced in the coming weeks. Fans can visit the Battlefy website, ELEAGUE.com and follow @ELEAGUETV for the latest on qualifying players and tournament results.

Mortal Kombat 11 helps boost digital game sales to $8.86 Billion in April 2019

That's a lot of digital dollars!

SuperData has published a report on digital game sales for April 2019, and the total comes out to $8.86 billion. Check out details of the report below.

- Mortal Kombat 11 and Fortnite helped push revenue
- 7% increase from April 2018
- console games grew the most last month, increasing 17%
- Mortal Kombat 11 was the best digital launch in the franchise’s history, selling 1.8 million digital copies