Japan - Day 1 digital sales details (Luigi's Mansion, RPG Maker MV Trinity, and more)

Time to take another look at the day-one sell through rates for multiple titles in Japan. Have a look at a recent slew of games below.

RPG Maker MV Trinity

- 20%
- rather low debut
- Switch version sold better than PS4

Gesshizu: Gajigaji Nakama wo Sodateyou

- Extremely poor debut

Sports Party (Ubisoft)

- extremely poor debut

Legendary Fishing

- extremely poor debut

Luigi's Mansion

- 20%
- Low sell-through

Pikachin-Kit: Game de Pirameki Daisakusen! (FuRyu)

- less than 10%
- terrible performance
- lower than your average FuRyu licenced game

Japan - Switch eShop sales as of Nov. 16th, 2018

Another major wave of Switch eShop sales in Japan, and plenty of great games to choose from. Check out the full list below.

ー Brawlout (Angry Mob Games) ¥2,100 → ¥1,470 (Ends 18 November)
ー The Gardens Between (The Voxel Agents) ¥2,199 → ¥1,759 (Ends 18 November)
ー Rento Fortune (LAN - GAMES EOOD) ¥1,990 → ¥1,393 (Ends 18 November)
ー The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle Episode 2 (Chorus Worldwide) ¥1,000 → ¥900 (Ends 21 November)
ー Lost in Harmony (Worker Bee) ¥900 → ¥810 (Ends 21 November)
ー Plague Road (Eastasiasoft) ¥980 → ¥784 (Ends 21 November)
ー Jan Navi Mahjong Online (WINLIGHT) ¥980 → ¥882 (Ends 21 November)
ー GEM CRASH (Double Drive) ¥980 → ¥680 (Ends 22 November)
ー Elemental Knights R (WINLIGHT) ¥2,800 → ¥2,520 (Ends 22 November)
ー I Am The Hero (Rainy Frog) ¥1,200 → ¥1,000 (Ends 22 November)
ー Dragon Quest X: All In One Package (Square-Enix) ¥5,184 → ¥4,147 (Ends 25 November)
ー Dragon Quest X: 5000-Nen no Tabiji Harukanaru Furusato e Online (Square-Enix) ¥4,104 → ¥3,283 (Ends 25 November)
ー Dragon Quest Builders: Alefgard o Fukkatsu Seyo (Square-Enix) ¥5,184 → ¥3,110 (Ends 25 November)
ー FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION HD (Square-Enix) ¥2,980 → ¥1,937 (Ends 25 November)
ー Minna de Wai Wai! Spelunker (Square-Enix) ¥5,378 → ¥2,999 (Ends 25 November)
ー Life Goes On (GAMEPOCH) ¥1,499 → ¥749 (Ends 25 November)
ー Kaitou Twins (Racjin) ¥980 → ¥784 (Ends 26 November)
ー Suugaku Rikiou Chuugaku 1 Level (Media-5) ¥3,780 → ¥1,890 (Ends 26 November)
ー Suugaku Rikiou Chuugaku 2 Level (Media-5) ¥3,780 → ¥1,890 (Ends 26 November)
ー Suugaku Rikiou Chuugaku 3 Level (Media-5) ¥3,780 → ¥1,890 (Ends 26 November)
ー Gureko Kara no Chousenjou! Keisan no Shiro to Obake-Tachi- Tashizan (Media-5) ¥1,080 → ¥540 (Ends 26 November)
ー Gureko Kara no Chousenjou! Keisan no Shiro to Obake-Tachi- Warizan (Media-5) ¥1,080 → ¥540 (Ends 26 November)
ー Gureko Kara no Chousenjou! Keisan no Shiro to Obake-Tachi- Hikizan (Media-5) ¥1,080 → ¥540 (Ends 26 November)
ー Gureko Kara no Chousenjou! Keisan no Shiro to Obake-Tachi- Kakezan (Media-5) ¥1,080 → ¥540 (Ends 26 November)
ー Black The Fall (SandSailorStudio) ¥1,600 → ¥800 (Ends 27 November)
ー ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION (Marvelous) ¥1,000 → ¥790 (Ends 28 November)
ー ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION Complete Set (Marvelous) ¥1,300 → ¥990 (Ends 28 November)
ー forma.8 (Rainy Frog) ¥1,000 → ¥700 (Ends 29 November)
ー MAX Magic Marker to Kyoudai no Kizuna (Rainy Frog) ¥1,500 → ¥1,050 (Ends 29 November)
ー Puyo Puyo eSports (Sega Games) ¥1,999 → ¥500 (Ends 30 November)
ー L.F.O. -Lost Future Omega- (Mebius) ¥864 → ¥432 (Ends 04 December)
ー Maison de MAOU (Mebius) ¥864 → ¥432 (Ends 04 December)
ー Hyper Sentinel (eastasiasoft) ¥1,080 → ¥972 (Ends 05 December)
ー R-Type Dimensions EX (Tozai Games) ¥1,500 → ¥1,200 (Ends 05 December)
ー Gear.Club Unlimited 2 (3goo) ¥6,264 → ¥5,637 (Ends 12 December)
ー Sally’s Law (Polaris-X) ¥1,500 → ¥880 (Ends 12 December)
ー PEACH BALL: Senran Kagura (Marvelous) ¥5,378 → ¥4,840 (Ends 26 December)
ー PEACH BALL: Senran Kagura DL Special Pack (Marvelous) ¥6,458 → ¥5,812 (Ends 26 December)

Downwell, The Messenger, and Minit all getting physical releases courtesy of Special Reserve Games

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Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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"It really over-performed. It did crazy well. We immediately got greenlit for Season 3. I wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for the fans."