Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth - TGS 2018 showcase, more gameplay

Dark Souls Remastered - EU launch trailer

Take up the mantle of the Chosen Undead and embark on a pilgrimage to the cursed land of Lordran in Dark Souls: Remastered, out now on Nintendo Switch!

Xenoblade Chonicles 2 - Torna ending song available in Karaoke Joysound

A Moment of Eternity, the closing song of  of Xenoblade 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country), is now available in Karaoke Joysound for Nintendo Switch. If you want to relive those final moments, now you can while singing your lungs out.

PR - Two Tribes brings long-lost treasure Swap This! to Nintendo Switch

Once thought lost in the Two Tribes treasure chest, Swap This! is here to make matching puzzle games exciting again! It's a game in which gaming skills like fast reflexes and tactical thinking actually count for something. Players still match colors, but once they get the hang of it they'll be juggling multiple chain reactions in real time while strategically deploying power-ups to beat giant enemy fish!

It’s fresh, it’s fast, it’s deep – Meet Swap This!, the arcade-style puzzle experience!

A new game from Two Tribes?
More than 7 years ago, we decided we wanted to make a puzzle game that really challenged gamers' skills. We felt this was lacking from the puzzle genre, and we still do.

Swap This! never got a proper release and lingered in the Two Tribes treasure chest, deemed lost. With the arrival of the Nintendo Switch we decided to bring it to the surface, polish it up and make it available to puzzle players worldwide.

Why Switch and not another console?
Because Swap This! plays best on a touch screen. ‘Arcade-style’ is the perfect description: you need skill to play, it’s lightning fast, and you even have to beat giant enemy fish!

What’s different from your usual sugar-coated matching puzzle?
In Swap This! you can swap colored ice cubes anywhere on screen, whenever you want, in real time. So getting good really comes down to dexterity and tactics. You’ll soon find yourself building up screen-clearing combos!

Additionally, the game includes 5 super-charged power-ups and 4 distinct play modes. There’s a ton of stuff to keep you busy!

The best part? Swap This! for Nintendo Switch is only 1.19 $/€. It's available for pre-order starting TODAY!

PR - Varion will be released on November 8 on Nintendo Switch

Light Maze is pleased to announce the release of "Varion" on Nintendo Switch™ and PC, on Thursday, November 8th, 2018!

In this high-powered brawler developed by RunDisc where only bounce shots are lethal, you'll have to use your most cunning strategies to defeat your friends or AI.

Within this futuristic world with retro tones, go for it to avoid the enemy shots and do not stop on the way if you want to reload your ammunition! All together in cooperation or alone against all, play tournament mode or go challenge mode fighting the Bots to go hunting high-scores!

During faced-paced games, use a variety of robots ready to fight for you in an infinite number of trapped procedural arenas (explosives mines, turrets, portals...). Deadly bonuses are also available to intensify the fighting. And for the most creative souls, fully customize your matches to engage in even more nervous and tactical battles!

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for October 19, 2018

- second and final set of Quests related to the latest Tempest Trials is now live: Tempest Trials (available until October 24th)
- pre-registration for the 8th Grand Conquests event is now open. (available until October 21)