Even paid customers have to worry about their Resident Evil 7 Cloud saves

As we talked about last week, Resident Evil 7 Cloud holds on to your saved game in the cloud. Capcom made sure to point out that if your payment lapses and you grab yourself another ticket sometime later, Capcom can't promise your save fill will still be there. That's a bit annoying, but somewhat understandable. The thing is, the same actually goes for paid customers.

Capcom has let users know that even if you pay for a ticket to play Resident Evil 7 Cloud, your save file might not be preserved. The company makes no promises that your save will be safe, meaning you could pay to play and save your progress, only have it to disappear. Obviously this is quite unlikely, but with the way cloud storage/saves are handled, there's more of a chance your save can disappear than there would be with a traditional local save.

Sanei Boeki releasing Splatoon 2-themed square pouch in Japan

Splatoon 2 Square Pouch

- features Inklings and Octolings
- due out this May
- available via Amazon Japan

Sushi Striker - file size

Are you getting Sushi Striker on Switch, 3DS, or both? Planning to go the digital route? We've got details on how much space you'll need for each version.


- 7023 blocks


- 2.7GB

Super Mario Odyssey Wedding Couple set - packaging

Sanei Boeki revealed their Super Mario Odyssey Wedding Couple set just a couple weeks back, and now we have a look at the fancy packaging the pair comes in. If you only want one of the dolls, you can still buy them individually. This duo set should become quite the collector's item!

HORI left Joy-Con with d-pad - packaging

We've known about this product for awhile, but now we have a look at the final packaging. Remember, this device comes with a lot of caveats, and doesn't offer all the features a regular left Joy-Con does. You're sacrificing a lot of bells and whistles for a traditional d-pad.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle dev on the game's lack of online multiplayer, and a cut gameplay mechanic

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle dev Xavier Manzanares recently sat down for a string of interviews to discuss all sorts of things about the game. In the video above, two particularly interesting tidbits are discussed. We learn why the game doesn't feature online multiplayer, and hear about a cut error mechanic.

Lack of online multiplayer

One of the questions asked was the lack of online multiplayer. Manzanares said the development team decided to focus their attention on local multiplayer, as online multiplayer brought new challenges.

So basically, when we started working on this game (and I guess you can say the same thing about other games), we had to think about the scale and what we wanted to do. From the beginning, we wanted to have cooperative because we felt that a multiplayer based on the turn-based system because I could help you and you could help me. We did not know how people would react to turn-based tactics. Would it be accessible enough? And the cooperative was one of the answers.

From the beginning, for us Switch was a platform with which you could play wherever you wanted and being able to play with this little screen wherever you wanted, with the controls locally, was good enough … So we focused so much attention on it that we did not even get to design or focus on anything online because the online brings new elements in which you must come to think, new challenges. It is not only doing it online, it is also how to communicate it, what you indicate, how fun it is. It’s fun to see the other person’s reaction when you’re playing locally … it’s different and that’s why, at the beginning of it all, we decided to focus our attention on the local multiplayer.

Cut error mechanic

Perhaps the one I remember best (Because I still think about it today) is the error mechanism . You could miss combat. Practically, your weapon would turn against you according to a percentage. Let’s say that you are pointing at someone from a great distance and your weapon is very powerful, but because it is very powerful, the possibility of hurting you is also very great. We had many elements around this mechanics, such as the fact that secondary states could be added. So with states like push or bounce, the weapon explodes and you fly away. And then it became a strategy. Some of our weapons were not very powerful, but they had great potential to explode. It was cool, because in PVP, you could use them as a way to escape bad situations … So it became very complex, but was it cool? … We took it away, but it took months to decide.

Neo Atlas 1469 sees second shipment in Japan

Neo Atlas 1469 has been really hard to find at retail in Japan. The first shipment seemed to sell out as soon as it hit shelves, most likely because it was such a small shipment. While it's taken some weeks to put it together, it seems the retail drought is now over. The game has been restocked at most retailers. Hopefully people who were holding out can snatch up a copy before this round disappears as well!

Sword Art Online franchise might see release on Switch

It sounds like an installment in the Sword Art Online franchise might have a shot at releasing on Switch. Sword Art Online series Producer Yosuke Futami and Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Producer Keishi Minami were asked about supporting Switch, and the two said they were seriously considering bringing the series over. Minami said he's talking to Futami and his superiors to see whether they could make it happen. Futami said he’s fully considering it and feels positive about the idea.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - content update for May 27th, 2018

- Nintendo started teasing another event
- this event is related to an outdoor cinema

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for May 27th, 2018

[Summoning Focus] A new Summoning Focus goes live on May 27th: “Heroes with Stance Skills”. It features the following Heroes: “Zelgius (Jet-Black General), Shrio (Raw Talent), andMorgan (Lass from Afar). (available until June 10th)

[Maps] A new Blessed Gardens map is now live: “Garden of Fire: Colonnade (Lunatic)” (no end date)