Spellbreak devs say the upcoming Prologue chapter will present quests in a more MMO fashion

A battle royale MMO?

Spellbreak is getting updated tomorrow with a wealth of new content, including the Prologue chapter, The Gathering Storm. This Prologue will be free to all players, and features weekly quests with unique rewards.

While the chapter itself will act somewhat like a battle pass you find in other battle royale games, developers Proletariat say the way content is presented will actually be more MMO-like. You can see what the team had to say in a snippet from a Kotaku interview below.

“I think the way you see a lot of the quests play out in the Chapters will look very familiar to [MMO players]. So today we were just talking about this with one of the quest designers: What happens when two groups of players meet at this quest object? What do we want to do? Do we want it to be a friendly thing or a less friendly thing? It’s very reminiscent of how quest NPCs in MMOs or more traditional RPGs give you a quest, then you go out and accomplish it. And then it can segue into a quest chain or further exploration of the world.”

Smash Bros. Ultimate's Version 9.0.1 update changes Steve's victory screen

Beat it, meat

As you most likely know, Steven from Minecraft joined Smash Bros. Ultimate just a couple weeks back. Players were quick to try him out, which is when they noticed something a bit odd on the character's Victory screen. Some rather unfortunate...meat placement led to players thinking Steve's snack was something else altogether.

While this was obviously unintended by Nintendo, they were quick to catch on to what fans were saying. That's why it's no surprise to see the Victory screen changed in today's 9.0.1 update. Now Steve just takes a quick bite of his favorite treat before storing it away for later.

Smash Bros. Ultimate updated to Version 9.0.1

Bug fixes and more tweaks

As promised, Smash Bros. Ultimate has been updated to Version 9.0.1. This update fixes a number of issues that cropped up after the Version 9.0.0 update. The official patch notes for this update have been released, and you can find the full rundown below.

Fixed the issue where sometimes an opposing fighter would go through the landscape when Steve/Alex created a block at a certain location and the opposing fighter destroyed the block.

Fixed the issue where sometimes an opposing fighter would go through the landscape when Steve/Alex created a block at a certain location and the anvil created with a down air attack struck the opposing fighter.

Fixed the issue where the opposing fighter would become uncontrollable when Steve/Alex hit them with a minecart in certain situations.

Fixed the issue where if Steve/Alex’s minecart bounced off the wall, it would not hit the opposing fighter.

Fixed the issue where opposing fighters carried in Steve/Alex’s minecart would sometimes be warped to the original location where they were picked up.

Fixed the issue where certain fighters could go through Steve/Alex’s block once KO’d.

Bravely Default II producer discusses how the pandemic has impacted development

A bit of a struggle

This week's issue of Famitsu includes an interview Square-Enix's Tomoya Asano, in which we find out how the pandemic has impacted development of Bravely Default II.

Asano says that while the Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent team was set up for remote work, the Bravely Default II team wasn't prepared to work at home at all. This ended up causing quite a bit of trouble for the game's development. The team was forced to switch to working at home with little preparation. That lasted from April 8th to May 6th, and then the team could return to the studio.

Is this going to lead to a release date for Bravely Default II? Last we heard, the game was slated for a 2020 release, but no updates have been shared since. This interview still doesn't give a solid release date, but hopefully Square-Enix will share those details soon.

Frighten up your Switch library with these horror games

Don't get too spooked!

Nintendo's latest rundown of Switch titles takes a look at games that are perfect to play with Halloween right around the corner. As long as you don't mind a fright or two, check out the titles below!

The most chilling of days is upon us: Halloween! You may be looking for a few fright-filled games to raise your Halloween spirit (even if it makes you a little scream-ish). Look no further! We’ve brewed up a list of horrific games with monsters who are dying to meet you.


Delve into a dark fantasy universe stricken by the Curse. Explore the intricate world design, full of hidden passages, dungeons, and secrets. But beware of what lies in the darkness. Black Knights, the once proud knights of Lord Gwyn, wander Lordran wielding cumbersome, though effective, weapons.

Alien: Isolation:

Enter the Sevastopol space station to finally solve the mystery of Ellen Ripley’s disappearance…only to confront an unknown menace. Unprepared and underequipped, you will need all your wits and daring to evade your hunter and get out alive.

Dead by Daylight:

This 1v4* game allows you to choose between playing as either an unstoppable killer or one of four Survivors trying to evade a gruesome death. Survivors can either cooperate with each other or be selfish. Your chance of survival will vary depending on whether you work together as a team or if you go at it alone.


Assume the role of an amorphous creature in this reverse horror game. Stalk and consume those that imprisoned you to spread fear and panic throughout the facility. Grow and evolve as you tear down the prison that tried to house you, all as you acquire more devastating abilities on your path to retribution.

Resident Evil 4:

Leon S. Kennedy, a survivor of the Racoon City incident, has gone on to become a special agent for the U.S. president. The president's daughter has been kidnapped, and Leon has followed eyewitness reports to a cold village in Europe. In that village, a mysterious cult awaits…

Outlast: Bundle of Terror:

A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill recently re-opened and has been operating in strict secrecy…until now. Acting on a tip, you’ll break into the facility, meet the asylum’s residents, and discover the horrors that walk the line between science, religion, nature, and something else entirely.


Wade through the grueling, bizarre world of Darkwood to escape the infested land before it destroys your body and consumes your mind. Explore and scavenge the eerie forests of the Soviet Bloc by day, then hunker down in your hideout at night. Can you hear that growling? Chompers draw near!

Amnesia: Collection:

This collection contains three Amnesia titles: The Dark Descent, A Machine for Pigs, and Justine. In each game, you’ll discover eerie pathways and haunted visuals as you immerse yourself in three chilling nightmares. Your mind is a mess. What lurks in the shadow?


Explore this nightmarish world and discover the many secrets hidden deep inside. Use devastating combos and brutal executions to smite hordes of monsters and bosses. Locate and equip relics, rosary beads, and prayers that call on the powers of the heavens to aid you.

Bioshock Remastered:

In ruins of Rapture, deranged Splicers hunt down the Little Sisters who would be helpless without their hulking Big Daddy guardians. To survive, you must use quick thinking, reclaimed weaponry, and superhuman powers granted by DNA-altering. To defeat Rapture's monsters, you must become one.

They Bleed Pixels - more gameplay

They Bleed Pixels balances a perfect mix of fast-paced acrobatic platforming and fierce, one-button, slash’em up combat. By suppressing your urge to button mash in favor of focusing on stylish and smart kills, you are rewarded with checkpoints you can choose when to place for safety... or try your luck by holding onto them for extra bonus points.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 online matchmaking only allows for same-platform play

Switch sticks with Switch

SEGA has shared some new details on the online multiplayer for Puyo Puyo Tetris 2. We now know that the Switch version of the game will only let you matchmake with other Switch players. This is the same with Xbox and Playstation as well, meaning PS4/PS5 players can play together, and Xbox One/Xbox Series players can battle each other, but there's no cross-platform play across companies.

GoNintendo Thought: Happy 9th anniversary to Nintendo Directs

9 years of fun

I can't let this day go by without a bit of celebration. Let's take a look at what makes Nintendo Directs so great on their 9th anniversary. As always, thanks for reading!

On this day in Nintendo history, nine long years ago, Nintendo gave us the very first Nintendo Direct. As fans, we didn't know what to expect from the event. We certainly had no idea it was going to become Nintendo's de-facto way to disseminate info, and would even replace Nintendo's traditional shows at E3. Now Nintendo fans can't imagine a world where Nintendo doesn't keep everyone up-to-date on their next big thing via Nintendo Directs.

Nintendo is known for doing things their own way. Sometimes that works for them, and sometimes it doesn't. Either way, that fiercely independent streak is part of what makes Nintendo who they are. They like to think outside of the box and do things that no one could ever expect. While we usually see that in terms of software and hardware, the kickoff of Nintendo Directs showed us yet another way that Nintendo would forge their own path.

Truth be told, it's kind of hard to remember how Nintendo spread their information before the days of Nintendo Directs. We had E3 presentations to look forward to, but outside of that, you'd just get random drops of information. You'd never know when something was coming, which would certainly make it hard to keep up on official information. Nintendo Directs gave fans a particular moment to not just look forward to, but also hype up. That online chatter about Nintendo revealing things in their pipeline would spread to gamers in general, generating massive interest before the big event took place.

Nintendo Directs are now an integral part of how Nintendo spreads the word on their projects, as well as Nintendo culture in general. Sure, we all look forward to see what games Nintendo has in the works, but Nintendo Directs in and of themselves are fun. You get to see some of Nintendo's wacky personality, which often leads to a number of Nintendo inside jokes and memes. The first Nintendo Direct alone spawned at least one meme-worthy Reggie moment, and many more would come as the years rolled on. Nintendo even embraced this aspect of Nintendo Directs by playing up memes in their own presentations, and making tongue-in-cheek references to fan-favorite moments as well.

Nintendo Directs are a wonderful part of what Nintendo offers because they are Nintendo through and through. The presentations have a certain vibe to them that only Nintendo can pull off. Numerous other companies have adopted the Nintendo Direct approach, but they don't seem to have the same breakthrough moments that Nintendo Directs do. Other events come off as trying too hard, or not doing enough to differentiate themselves from what Nintendo has put together. While other Direct-like events from companies in the gaming space come off as loud, bombastic, and in-your-face, Nintendo Directs are somewhat humble, even-keeled, wholesome, and even a bit embarrassing in an endearing way. There's just something so fresh and enjoyable about seeing Nintendo figureheads trying to pull off one-liners or quick quips. Some Direct segments lead to watch-through-your-fingers moments, but you have to love Nintendo for trying.

Nintendo Directs in the past year haven't exactly been what fans expect, which is completely understandable. The pandemic has shifted how Nintendo operates on a basic level, and everything has been impacted, including traditional Directs. While there's no doubt Nintendo will get back to the Directs we love sometime in the near future, it's nice to see them working to put something together. We get mini presentations that whet our appetites not only for bigger game presentations, but also Directs in their true form. While Nintendo works to get things back on track, these pitstops will hold us over until the return to form. Each day that passes will only make the eventual standard Nintendo Direct's return that much sweeter.

Nintendo Directs originally seemed like Nintendo just experimenting with some ideas, but they quickly grew into a staple for the company. It's yet another idea from the Big N that fans have latched onto and can't get enough of. To think that we've been enjoying them for 9 years now is almost unbelievable. The ride has been a wonderful one so far, and I think it's all safe to say we can't wait to see what's next.

Check out the latest round of Nintendo commercials for France

Nintendo has released another series of commercials for the Switch in France. The spots feature both first and third party titles. Check out the round-up of commercials below.

Luna: The Shadow Dust - more gameplay

LUNA The Shadow Dust is a fully hand-animated puzzle adventure, brought to life through wordless storytelling, beautiful cinematics and a breathtaking original soundtrack.


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