Suda51 shares how Dragon Ball inspired part of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Coming from a Game Informer interview with Suda51...

I may have subconsciously picked up inspiration from the Dragon Ball series. In the [Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes], there’s the console, the Death Drive MK-II, and the games for that console aren’t cartridges or CDs, they’re balls called “Death Balls.” Since the console and the games are sort of like a phantom console and phantom games, there’s really not that many in existence. There were only six games that were made for the console, and there’s only one copy for each of those games that exists, so if a player goes and collects all six of those game balls, they can have a wish granted, which is pretty much the same as Dragon Ball Z. I may have been subconsciously inspired by the whole Dragon Ball concept when I thought of that. Maybe if you collect all six balls, a huge tiger will appear or something. [laughs]

Inversus Deluxe- Version 1.5.8 out now, another patch in the works

Here's info on Version 1.5.8, which is out right now.

“This update simplifies adding users to local multiplayer games. Previously, when choosing additional users, you could pick one that was already selected by a friend and steal control from them. It was a bit confusing and has been prevented with the new update. This will make it easier for friends and family to choose their own user or choose the skip button to play as a guest!”

The developer also confirmed that another update is in the works, and should be hitting the Switch shortly. No word on what that update will do.

Regista will be developing Switch titles

The following comes from Regista, the visual novel studio behind the Root Double series and the Nippon Ichi Software-produced Exile Election.

“The limited company Regista will develop for Nintendo Switch. We are starting work on the development of existing titles, as well as original titles. Please look forward to the announcement of more information.”

Looks like there will be ports and new content, so the best of both worlds! Let's hope some of these games get official localizations.

Jump Up, Super Star! breaks into the iTunes top 40 charts in the United States, #1 in Japan

Looks like people really, REALLY like the theme song for Super Mario Odyssey. While it's fluctuating a bit as the day goes on, Jump Up, Super Star! has been in the Top 40 on the iTunes charts in the United States. That's the ALL chart, not a specific chart. In other words, this is one of the top 40 most popular songs in the states right now!

UPDATE - Looks like Japan has showed us up. On their iTunes charts, the song is currently sitting in the #1 position!

Super Mario Odyssey event at Best Buy - swag pics

Look at all those awesome goodies you get for checking out the Super Mario Odyssey event at Best Buy locations! I am pretty jealous! I should have checked out one of these events myself.

Super Mario Odyssey's case has the "Jump Up, Super Star!" lyrics printed inside

I think everyone has these lyrics drilled into memory by now, but if that's not the case, the box for Super Mario Odyssey has you covered! I always appreciate seeing a bit of something on the inside of a game case. Not surprised to see Nintendo went the extra mile.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 retail version will not require a separate download

Whenever a LEGO game comes out on Switch, people are worried that there will be an extra download required with the retail versions. We can all thank LEGO City Undercover for making people worried about that! Thankfully there has been confirmation that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 won't require a download if you're going the retail route, so your Switch space is safe.

Guinness World Records looks at the largest collection of Legend of Zelda memorabilia

While Zelda players gather bomb flowers and boomerangs, Norway’s Anne Martha Harnes has collected 1,816 individual items connected with the video game series.

Check out the feature here