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GoNintendo Contributors and News Crew

About rawmeatcowboy

Editor in Chief

GoNintendo's founder, and bearded wonder. Although his beard is a little greyer nowadays, RMC is more than ready to tackle news and features. When not playing/talking/writing about games, RMC enjoys comic books, pro wrestling, anime, and more.

About alecandstuff


Nintendo Content Creator, podcast host, and now news writer. You can find Alec's blurbs all over the internet. Dyed his hair blue in the hopes of one day being turned into a Fire Emblem character.

About alioop


I'm Alice, AKA Alioop. I enjoy good food, jigsaw puzzles, and Nintendo games. I'm both a PC and Switch player, and I'm especially fond of rhythm games and Pokémon!

About alternisliz


Hey everyone, my name is Liz. My favorite game series are Pokemon and Bravely Default. Outside of gaming, I enjoy watching anime and reading and collecting manga. I hope you will enjoy my content here at GoNintendo.

About anigamer


Nintendo fan, gamer and collector. Find me around GoNintendo and The Ohio Retro Gamer. I love all thing gaming, and this is my passion that I take very seriously and have a lot of fun doing. Hope to see you all around!

About anthonyp


EarthBound evangelist, Smash Bros. addict, and the self-professed No. 1 Kirby fan -- Anthony's unyielding love for Nintendo's gaming library is the real deal. When he's not tapping keyboards for GoNintendo, he's either looking at cat pictures or filming his lazy dog.

About ariankaeding


Advocate for all things weird. Love games, movies and all art that both makes me cackle and cry. You'll find me writing news and reviews when I'm not busy watching movies.

About benmagnet


When Ben isn't writing or hosting Basement Arcade: Pause Menu, or The Fake Nerd Podcast, he's probably playing games or reading about them. When he isn't playing games, he's usually reading, watching a movie, or playing with his cat.

About brendan_tenkai


Brendan Trump is a features writer and game reviewer for GoNintendo. His opinions about everything are entirely correct.

About camcritiques


Cameron, AKA Cam, AKA Cam Critiques is a big fan of all sorts of video games, especially platformers and RPGs. He covers news and contributes the occasional feature here at GoNintendo, but you can also see more of his game-related work at

About cykeswiki


Name's Katherine! I'm big into JRPGs, platformers, and fighting games, and have been a huge Nintendo fan ever since I got Pokemon FireRed for Christmas when I was really young. Hope you enjoy the articles I put out!

About gn-nakasan


Living in England, Neil cut his teeth on Supercars, Dizzy and Bubble Bobble on the C64. At 15 he became the (still reigning!) European Sonic Speed Champion and, barring the birth of his Daughter, he's been chasing that high ever since!

About jack


Thanks for scrolling down. My qualifications for creating whatever you just witnessed are doctorates in law and Mega Man. I know more about the latter. On most days I enjoy dogs, tea, and Spider-Man.

About jmaldonado


A recently graduated creative writer hoping to work his way into the greater gaming sphere.

About johnnyguitarn64


As a certified comic nerd and Nintendo fan, Johnny sounds like someone that should be avoided at all costs. And that's because he should be.
He enjoys playing strategy and puzzle games because of the sweet dopamine rush he gets when something goes well.
He has horrible opinions.

About kissmyflapjack


Hello! My name is Flapjack - Eric being my real name, and I am such a Nintendo fan that I could have easily been born holding an NES controller. I even worked at Nintendo, and I am not even your uncle! I love Animal Crossing and Wii Sports, and am a big fan of anything retro.

About kutiekatelyn


A passionate gamer girl with a distinct taste for RPGs from the sillier Mario & Luigi games to the more intensive Persona games. It's never a dull moment when Katelyn enters the chat. Be prepared for memes, discussion, and hype.

About mechabladez


Jose Arroyo is an interviewer, gamer, graphic artist, and actor based in Ohio. He also created anime and manga content for YouTube under the name, MechaBladeZ. He now works for GoNintendo as a Features Writer and plans to share his passion for video games with its audience.

About nintendojam


Come on and slam, and welcome to Nintendo Jam! 100% organic and always straight from the source, with zero added sugar or preservatives. Thanks for trusting me with all the latest news on hardware, software, WarioWare, and more!

About nintenho


Nintenho's writing has been featured in The Morning Call, Men’s Journal magazine, They Call Us feminist lit mag & more. When not writing or gaming, you can often find Nintenho marching the streets for social justice or staring lovingly into the eyes of her French Bulldog, Nessie.

About nintimdo


Timothy "NinTimDo" Huneycutt is features writer and reviewer for GoNintendo. You can follow him on Twitter @timothuney (just click the social icon below).

About onettqueen


I (Elizabeth) am a news writer here. I enjoy all genres of games, but RPG's are my favorite. I try to play a little bit of everything, leading to an excessive backlog :). I view games as an experience to enjoy as well as an interesting study on how the medium evolves. @OnettQueen

About quence


Quence is a writer, YouTuber, podcaster, and gamer. You can listen to his podcasts Geeks on Trial and The Yeerky Boys wherever you get your podcasts! Find more of his writing and other projects at

About robin.legacy


Robin is GoNintendo's quintessential Canadian reviews/news staffer. 🇨🇦

Gaming enthusiast, collector, and passionate fighting game competitor. 🕹

Outside games, his spare time is spent cycling, camping, and adventuring with his P2 and their huskies, Eevee & Samus. 🐶 🚴 ❤️

About the8bitlego


Hey everyone!

Thanks for reading, for more of my personal thoughts on games, comics, and more check out my Twitter. If you have an interest in photography check out my Instagram. In addition to this, I am currently a CS Major.

About tttttsd


TTTTTsd (you can call him Scott for short!) is a studious writer and big fan of video games of all sorts, especially Nintendo. He enjoys platformers the most, but loves JRPGs too! Ask him about Super Mario Bros. 3, you'll probably learn something new, it's his favorite game!

About videocookies


Gamer by day, gamer by night as well, (I guess), and occasionally GoNintendo writer by like the evening (Eastern Time, maybe it's by night for you, who knows!)

About vizualleader


Online known as vizual_leader, I love Godzilla, wrestling, RPGs, and anime in no particular order. Occasionally, I like to write my thoughts down about these things on Twitter.

About weaponnext


When not waxing poetic about Nintendo you can probably find him in the professional wrestling ring as "Weapon Next" Logan Lynch, working out, or enjoying the Wisconsin outdoors. He's a kid trapped in an adult's body. You may have to grow older, but you don't have to grow up!

About zjmaster


Christian’s a fan of long lists, Pokémon, SMT, Advance Wars, Xenoblade Chronicles, Splatoon, S/JRPGs, VNs...

When not solving mysteries in Ace Attorney or doing supports in Fire Emblem, he can be found doing math or learning languages.

About znbashi


Just someone who spent most of his childhood playing Smash Bros with my brother, which led me to explore more games. Favorite franchises include Xenoblade and Kirby.