Community Guidelines

Ours is a community for everyone.

Your comments can affect others, so being a decent person is your number one responsibility to have and maintain an account here.

We're going to keep this simple: if you fail the above requirement—which is admittedly subjective—we'll either moderate your content, or in some cases, rescind your permission to participate on our site.

No hard and fast limit on warnings or legally binding policies; so just be nice please.

If you have questions: find Cortjezter on our Discord, or refer to some general rules below.

The short list:

  • Be respectful or don't say anything at all
  • Trolls not welcome here
  • Spam = Instant, permaban
  • Post quality content

The longer list:

Keep it civil and respectful

By all means, share your honest thoughts and opinions, but keep it respectful.

Think before posting: do you mean to address a person or their idea, and then ensure your delivery matches that intent. We do not tolerate attacking or harassing the person, but ideas are fair game.

To that end, we don't condone gratuitous vulgarity, hate speech, flaming, derogatory language, etc. so you'd do well to avoid flaunting a weak vocabulary or moral fibre.

At the same time, we will not be the arbiters of any social justice warring, policing of thought crime, nor enforcing/endorsing any political bent. We recommend leaving those hot button topics elsewhere, and stick to gaming here.

Just be good people to each other. If you're older than 7, you have a conscience, and we only ask you to exercise it.


People come here for love of Nintendo or a specific IP. But we don't all love the same things, at least not in the same ways.

Sometimes differences in those passions or disappointment can result in unhealthy expression, like trolling. So while we permit or even encourage diversity of and dissenting opinion, how those sentiments are delivered make all the difference.

Let's define the terms a bit. Not wholly inclusive, but a general baseline for determining what is acceptable:

  • Overt, unqualified statements that are acutely negative, misinformed, ignorant, or counter-culture where their sole intended purpose/ outcome is to antagonise, cultivate hostility, or disrupt the peace…we call trolling.
  • An opinion is typically supported by facts, logic, or rationale; things based upon existing information that can be verified by external sources.
  • Similarly, blind fanboyism, while in many ways on topic for this site, will not be tolerated to shout down those making valid arguments against something you like.

If you want to rock the boat, you must also put in the time and effort to validate your statements. Snarky one-liners, dry sarcasm, or provocative language can certainly give a trollish vibe, so be very careful.

Spam? Ban! thank you, fam

We're only interested in quality content and discussion, and have a zero-tolerance policy for spam.

With very rare exception, we do not permit self- or other promotional content in the comments. If you'd like to promote something on the site, you can get in touch to purchase ad space, submit a tip, or apply for a staff position (because they do have user accounts with bios, social links, etc).

Post good content

  • The comment field shows how many characters you've entered. We only ask you muster 20, even if it's caveman-esque. Any tactics to evade this minimum (eg extra spaces) will be moderated.
  • Some back and forth is to be expected. If you prefer to have a long form conversation with someone, consider moving over to our Discord rather than pollute or domineer a story's comment section.
  • Stay on topic. Talk about whatever's in that story's title. Veering off topic may result in moderation. Again, we have plenty of space on Discord for off-topic convos.
  • Keep it legal. Anything that may be a legal liability for us will become a liability for you, and we just don't want the trouble. Don't share information or links to warez, ROMs, copyrighted or embargoed material, other people's private info, etc. Much like spam, this is a zero-tolerance policy met with an instant, permanent ban.