My Nintendo - Animal Crossing: Gardening Weather 3DS theme available

Reward available until: 8/2/2018 at 2 AM [America/New York]
Redeemable: 5 times

My Nintendo is offering a download code for this Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu theme: Animal Crossing: Gardening Weather. This Spring theme shows Leif, Isabelle, and others. Scroll the screen to see them tend the garden, but look out for Mr. Resetti!

You can redeem your points up to five times to get five different codes, so you can share it with others! Offer ends on 8/01/2018 PT.

Grab yours here

Together! The Battle Cats - first Switch screens

The announcement of Together! The Battle Cats came out last week, but today we get the first look at what the game looks like on Switch. As a reminder, this is going to be a completely brand-new entry in the Battle Cats franchise. If you want to check out more screens, you can find them here.

SaGa: Scarlet Grace - second trailer

SaGa: Scarlet Grace, which follows a multilayered story through several protagonists and a free scenario with a high level of freedom, has evolved and expanded to multiple platforms. Battles, which are rooted in a Timeline system, have further expanded with “Sparks” and “Party Formation.” Experience a one-of-a-kind RPG with a unique growth system that ditches the level system.

Hollow Knight - Gods & Glory DLC due out Aug. 23rd, 2018, new album, Fangamer merch

Alright team. Strap in. This one’s a biggy. We’ve got release dates, albums, new merchandise, new team member. Everything’s in here because we’re so busy we have to bundle all our news at once! Let’s get down to it!

Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory

We’re leading with a big one: Our dates are locked in. Hollow Knight’s fourth Free Content Pack, Gods & Glory will be arriving for all players on August 23rd!

We said this’d be the largest pack yet and we weren’t lying! A whole bunch of new bosses. A slew of new music. New NPCs. New Quests. The final chapter for the knight is turning into the celebration we hoped it would be!

We’re so eager to get this one out to you all, and we’re so close. Get your PC or Nintendo Switch ready for the end of August. We’re gonna put your Hollow Knight skills to the test!

Hollow Knight Gods & Nightmares

This one’s been hinted at for a while and today it’s being officially unveiled. The second Hollow Knight album by Christopher Larkin: Gods & Nightmares.

hrough Hollow Knight’s Content Packs, Chris has been expanding Hollow Knight with a full suite of incredible new tracks. Gods & Nightmares packages them all together in one epic album (along with an all new, live recorded arrangement, Pale Court).

It’s not been said before, but Chris created all of the extra Hollow Knight music for free! If you love the music (and sound) of Hollow Knight, buy the album and support this incredibly talented composer!

Hollow Knight Gods & Nightmares is releasing on Steam ($4.99USD) and all major digital platforms (Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify) on August 9th.

Gods & Nightmares Limited Vinyl

But wait! The Gods & Nightmares saga doesn’t end there. Our friends over at Ghost Ramp have been working around the clock to produce this stunning, limited Vinyl, collating all 15 of the new tracks onto one very large, very cool disc.

Just check out this crazy package! The original Hollow Knight LP is one of our favourite things ever, and we’re so darn excited for this new limited album, all done-up in spooky Grimm-style.

If you’re keen on getting into Gods & Nightmares in the most retro/classy way possible, or just want to support great music, then hurry over to Ghost Ramp and pre-order the darn thing right now!!

PRE-ORDER HOLLOW KNIGHT GODS & NIGHTMARES: https://ghost-ramp.myshopify.com/collections/videogames

The final note on Hollow Knight music: the Pale Court live recording session also covered several other classic Hollow Knight tracks. Chris will be releasing those additional recordings for free through his Bandcamp in the coming months. Keep your eyes on https://twitter.com/composerlarkin or https://christopherlarkin.bandcamp.com/ for all the details.

Fangamer Frenzy

HK had its surprise Switch release during E3, but just as important our friends at Fangamer announced a selection of smashing new HK goods. The feature item: This gigantic, talking plush Grub!

Yep! This thing is legit. It’s huge. It’s huggable. It’s squishable. It murmurs lovingly at you when tightly squeezed. It’s basically going to be the loyal, adoring companion you’ve always dreamed a grub would be.

You can pop over to Fangamer and pre-order your very own squishy-grub friend right now, and while you’re there, check out all the other cool HK merch that’s just dropped. New Tees. New print. Fangamer, you’re the best!

PRE-ORDER YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND (or buy other great stuff!): https://www.fangamer.com/products/hollow-knight-grub-plush

HK Switch Version

This one’s just some quick housekeeping. If you’re a Hollow Knight player on Nintendo Switch, you may have noticed a small update go out last week. That’s our bug fix patch to address a few stability issues and some niggling bugs in the release version.

With those fixes out of the way, our next update will be Gods & Glory, which will roll in a few more small fixes, including controller re-binding on Switch.

Details here: http://teamcherry.com.au/switch1345/

Kirby Star Allies - Daroach trailer

Daroach will be part of the second big update for Kirby Star Allies. The update is due to hit on July 27th, 2018.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - A look at all the cut content from Wii U to 3DS/Switch

Not only were there some control changes for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on Switch, some of the in-game content was cut/changed as well. The above video gives a rundown of all the changes between versions.

HORI releases Switch stand with built-in USB hub

You can use USB devices such as a wired controller, USB keyboard, LAN adapter etc, which can't be connected to Nintendo Switch itself. Charge your Nintendo Switch while being in a table mode state. The angle can be changed so you can play with an easy-to-see angle.The recommended angle is 30 ° to 60 °. It is convenient to carry because it is not bulky even when placed in a bag or pouch. In addition, the stand part opens and closes and protects the terminal, it is possible to prevent breakage of the terminal part while carrying.

- 4 USB port hub
- Table mode charging
- Up to 60-degree adjustable angle
- Compact design
- Officially licensed product by Nintendo

Grab yours here

Another World creator explains why the game originally had different names in America and Japan

Back when Another World was released in the states, it was called Out of This World. For nearly ever re-release after the original, the name was switched over to Another World. Over in Japan, the original release was titled Outer World. Why on earth was the game's name different around the world? Creator Eric Chahi explained to NWR in the snippet below.

There was an American TV soap opera airing at the time named Another World. For this reason, Interplay preferred to change the name. For the game’s Japanese title, Outer World, it was probably just to have a title that sounded better in Japanese. I personally like Outer World very much.

The Banner Saga Trilogy physical release requires a download, tentative dated for Sept. 21st, 2018

Many were happy to see that the Banner Saga Trilogy was getting a physical release on Switch. Now we have some news to bring the mood down a bit. According to the game's cover art, it looks like the retail edition will still require you to download some content to get the full game. We're not quite sure what the required file size is right now, but those details should surface soon.

Also a bit of a bummer, we see that the release date listed on Amazon is Sept. 21st, 2018. The press release for the physical launch said the collection would be out this Summer. With the last day of Summer coming in at Sept. 22nd, this release is going to make it just under the wire.

Thanks to Traskin7 for the heads up!