Daddy of Smash Bros. comes home

masahiro sakurai kirbyMasahiro Sakurai…you may not know the man’s name, but you definitely know his games. Ever play Kirby, Smash Bros, or Meteos? Yeah, he is the man behind those games. Mr. Sakurai had left Nintendo to create Q Entertainment, which had its first hit with Meteos. Now it appears that Nintendo has invited Mr. Sakurai back, and he has graciously accepted.

Masahiro Sakurai was the man that brought Smash Bros. to life, and now he will be hard at work on Super Smash Bros. Revolution. Mr. Sakurai will practically be the director of the title, and his influence on the title is sure to help. It’s great to see that even though Mr. Sakurai has been successful on his own, he is more then happy to work with Nintendo again. I’m sure his work on the new Smash Bros. will help make it the best one yet.

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