Reggie - Nintendogs + Cats/Pilotwings Resort/Steel Diver at "launch", Ocarina/Kid Icarus/Mario Kart after E3

“Between ‘Nintendogs + Cats’ and ‘Pilotwings,’ those two franchises, either on the original DS or on other legacy systems like the NES or Super NES, have sold tens of millions of copies. Those two franchises have a lot of strength all by themselves. ‘Steel Diver’ is a brand new experience, and from a compelling standpoint, we think it’s awfully compelling. Mario, Zelda, all of those titles are coming. From our perspective, we like to launch titles when they’re ready. And so they’ll be ready, they’ll be ready soon. Just not in that initial time period of late March to early June. I would say ‘Super Street Fighter 4,’ I would say ‘Dead or Alive,’ I would say ‘Madden’ and I would say, yes, the three first-party launch games that we have, as well.”

You have to keep in mind, we don’t know what exactly Reggie means when he says launch. We would like to think he means day one, but Nintendo loves to use their ‘launch window’ term. I’d say that Nintendogs + Cats will definitely be day-one, but the other two are still question marks for me.


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