Xseed talks conversations with Kadokawa Games, 3DS trepidation, Wii U interest

A portion of a Siliconera interview with Ken Berry, Director of Publishing at Xseed…

S: Speaking of licensing there is one company that is growing and doesn’t have a U.S. partner yet, Kadokawa Games. You have worked with someone who is working with Kadokawa too… maybe he’s doing Rodea: The Sky Soldier now. Are you going to bring those titles and their lineup like Earth Seeker over?

KB: [Laughs.] If Kadokawa gives us a chance we would be honored to work on those titles. Kadokawa is definitely working on some good stuff between those two titles that you said. Every single project, as passionate as we are about bringing the best games we can get, it does in the end have to make some kind of business sense. Hopefully, we can come to terms with those games. Earth Seeker, I believe, was just released in Japan. Rodea still seems a way off and we want to see how it is received and how it progresses as a final game. We are definitely interested in pursuing those two titles.

S: Have you been talking with them at all?

KB: Yes, our president does have a channel of communication with Kadokawa. So, we do talk to them, but I’m sure Kadokawa talks to a lot of American publishers.

S: Are you interested in picking up any 3DS titles? Are you a 3DS developer now?

KB: We are looking at some 3DS titles, but for now I don’t think we’re ready to jump into that market just yet unless the perfect opportunity comes by. We’re still sort of sitting back and watching how the market plays out on the 3DS.

S: What do you think of Wii U? It’s probably too early for licensed games, but what are your thoughts on the hardware?

KB: With the right opportunity for us, with the right title, absolutely. Their showing and demonstration was very impressive. I think everyone was floored with what the unique new controller can do. If there’s a game creator out there that puts out something very compelling and we get a chance to publish that, then yeah we would like to seize that opportunity.

Full interview here

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