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Darksiders 2 Wii U to match PC-level graphics? ONM says so...then removes article

by rawmeatcowboy
09 August 2011
GN Version 4.0
Earlier today we linked to a preview from ONM concerning Darksiders 2. Out of the entire feature, there was one blurb that really stood out.

After only a few weeks with the Wii U development kit, however, the team were genuinely buzzing with excitement - the graphics looking to match the top-spec PC iteration and the code working remarkably well on the hardware. It's early doors yet, of course, but the signs are that, for non-Nintendo developers, the Wii U is great system to work with - a far cry from the 'new hardware issues' that other consoles (most notably the PlayStation 3) have presented for third-party developers in the past.
That would fly in the face of what we heard from Vigil. They said they weren't bumping graphics, and were instead going with the 360/PS3 build. Perhaps that's why this article has since been removed by ONM. Either the article has some incorrect info, or something slipped before it should have!

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