Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance - more Dream Eater, attack details

- Dream Eaters are split into "Spirit" and "Nightmare" types
- spirit types fight alongside Sora and Riku as partner characters
- Nightmare types are powerful foes
- Sora and Riku have different ways of interacting with Spirit tupes
- you can carry two with you into battle
- game encourages you to collect all the Dream Eaters
- Free Flow Action attack example: "Kick Dive" - after kicking off a wall you can target the ground with a powerful attack
- Free Flow Action attack example: "Turn Cutter" - swing around a pole, using your keyblade to deal damage
- when you see a special marker on an enemy, hit X and A to switch to reality shift mode
- this freezes the action and has Sora or Riku disappear from the top screen and reappear on the bottom screen
- this lets you perform a variety of special moves, including Sora's sling shot
- Traverse Town has two new areas



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