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Nintendo Power - Mario Kart 7, Sonic Generations, full Rayman Origins review and more

by rawmeatcowboy
07 November 2011
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Mario Kart 7

- The title was chosen because it was simple, basic and clearly explains what the title is
- Konno believes 3D allows you to easily grasp height, width and depth
- he says this fits well with racing games, and is particularly satisfying with the flying and underwater elements

Sonic Generations 3D

- starts off in Green Hill Zone
- it's not an exact recreation of the classic level, but is pretty close
- after this level, a black hole opens up and shows how Modern and Classic Sonic team up
- right after this event, you play as Modern Sonic in Green Hill Zone
- Modern Sonic can use Y to boost
- he can also grind rails and lock-on, but he can't do the Sonic spindash
- Casino Night, Mushroom Hill, Emerald Coast reconfirmed
- the Modern version of Mushroom Hill has you grind rails through a cave, all from an over-the-shoulder perspective

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