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RUMOR - Final Fantasy VII or Dragon Quest VII seeing re-release on 3DS?

by rawmeatcowboy
23 November 2011
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Talk about one HELL of a juicy rumor. This information comes from our old friend Creamsugar, who received the information from an unnamed source. This would be the same source that Creamsugar cited in the accurate leak of Monster Hunter 3G for 3DS. The information comes via Twitter.

creamsugar creamsugar
We all don’t believe it’s “that 7”, right? So I said it’s “this 7”.
5 hours ago

creamsugar creamsugar
It’s a remix version of the 7th game of a famous (J)RPG series, and will sell half year later of a spin-off game of the series.
5 hours ago

creamsugar creamsugar
OK here is the rumor: big N will announce a megaton on next year’s meeting which to celebrate 3DS sold XX million.

Dragon Quest VII or Final Fantasy VII are the two names being tossed about. I'm thinking FFVII would do better worldwide. Which one do you think it'll end up being? Do you think the rumor is completely bunk?