Nintendo Power - Dec. 2011 issue preview

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Rhythm Heaven Fever

- use A button, B button or both together
- game begins with a Rhythm Test
- press A as you hear a beeping noise and a dot drops on a graph
- a green line shows you if you're on-beat
- your dot landing above the green line means you're too early, and below means you're too late
- second Rhythm Test has pressing A when a timer hits zero
- the game will count backwards from 7
- the game will give you beeps for each number at first, and then take them away
- game's mascots are a 'blue fellow wearing glasses, a white creature with a big mouth and a pink lass with a bow on her head'
- these mascots hold up signs that say ;Test in Progress'
- these signs will block your view of the chart, making the test harder
- these tests are not pass/fail, but instead meant as self diagnostic
- must earn anything other than the bottom-tier try again rank to unlock new stages
- Hole in One: A golfer must hit a hole in one with every golf ball that two monkeys throw at you. Tap A along with the beat of the music.
- Screwbot Factory: control a claw that screws heads on robots. Hold A and B to start the screwing action, release to stop. Must line up claw arm with robot bodies perfectly.
- See-Saw: test a see-saw's safety by jumping on it with your computer-controlled partner. When you land, press A to keep your balance. Don't jump on the outer part of the see-saw unless you want higher jumps. Hop on the inner portion as well.


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