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Aonuma - Zelda Wii U will challenge series conventions, big things to come

by rawmeatcowboy
01 December 2011
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The following comes from Eiji Aonuma in the latest Nintendo Power...

...Skyward Sword is a title where we took aim at all the conventions of the Zelda series. While that may have been difficult, I think that confronting those challenges resulted in something that has a great deal of value. When it comes to Wii U, we'll obviously want to add new elements that take advantage of the capabilities of the platform. I think using that as a lens through which we once again challenge the conventions of Zelda is more important than just making another Zelda game. With that in mind, please expect big things from the Zelda series to come!

This is sick...thinking about the next Zelda already. I can't help it, and neither can the gang at Nintendo Power. I'm just happy that Aonuma is thinking about it as well!