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Archie - Mega Man and Sonic comic collab could happen...if SEGA and Capcom agree

by rawmeatcowboy
20 January 2012
GN Version 4.0
A portion of a MMN interview with writer Ian Flynn...

MMN: Finally, we’re sure you’ve heard the question dozens of times, if not more, and will no doubt continue to hear until it happens: Mega Man & Sonic– we won’t ask if it will happen, but rather, what do you think it would take for this to come to pass? After all, we’ve had Sonic and his crew mix it up with the gang from Image comics, and that seems way more out of left field– especially since there is already (old) official art of the two blue heroes shaking hands.

IF: It would take SEGA and Capcom to agree to make it happen. That’s it. If they both say “go,” you better believe we’ll go. If you want Sonic & Mega Man to happen, contact them and show your support for the idea.

Full interview here