Street Fighter and Tekken Grab Guinness World Records

Street Fighter
Most prolific cross-over fighting game: The most gaming crossovers between fighting games series is 13, achieved by Street Fighter (Capcom, 1987), which has seen its characters facing against the likes of the X-Men, Marvel Comics, Japanese TV company Tatsunoko, rival fighting game producer SNK and Tekken (Namco, 1995).
Most influential fighting video game: The most cloned fighting game was Street Fighter after the success of Street Fighter II ensured its dominant presence in the marketplace. Original features of the game, such as combos, arenas and dedicated fighter profiles and characteristics, are now standard features in every other successful fighting game.
First woman to win a pro-Street Fighter event: Best known among pro-gamers under her tag of “Kayane”, Marie-Laure Norindr (France) became the first woman to win a pro-Street Fighter event at the Evolution Championship Series 2010 when she beat Sola “Burnyourbra” Adesui in the women’s Super Street Fighter IV final.
First fighting video game to use combos: Street Fighter II was the earliest fighting game to introduce the concept of the combo. This term describes a series of deadly moves that can be triggered by a combination of button techniques, which can, if well executed, be relied upon to drop all but the most skilful (or lucky) opponent.
First playable female character in a fighting game: The first female character to be playable in a fighting game is Chun-Li, from the Street Fighter (Capcom, 1987) series. She made her debut in Street Fighter II (Capcom, 1991).

Best-selling 3D fighting game series: The best-selling series of 3D fighting games is Tekken (Namco, 1995), which has seen lifetime sales of over 31.2 million units across 7 games as of August 2010.
Best selling fighting video game series for the PlayStation consoles: The best selling fighting video game series for PlayStation consoles are the first five iterations of the Tekken series which have managed to amass sales of over 20 million. This does not include the Game Boy Advance version, various spin-off titles (like Tekken Card Challenge and the action adventure Death by Degrees) or the 2007 release Tekken 6.
First 3D fighting game playable in first-person mode: Many games have “Easter eggs” hidden features that are like gifts from the game's designers. Tekken 2 contains an Easter egg that allows gamers to play the game from a first-person perspective by holding down the L1 and L2 buttons while selecting their character. For this trick to work, however, players must first unlock all of the playable characters on the game’s roster.

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