Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs - status update, canned GBA/DS versions

A portion of a Siliconera interview with Firehazard managing director, Chris Strauss...

S: We’ve seen prototype screenshots of GBA and Nintendo DS versions of Saber Rider. What can you tell us about those? The GBA version looks like a side-scroller but the DS version looked 3D.

CS: Well, the GBA was almost dead, so the idea was moved over to the DS. It was planned as a side-scroller like Contra III: The Alien Wars on Super NES but with 3D graphics. Unfortunately, the DS wasn’t performing very well with these kind of games. Publishers wanted more casual games like brain trainers, so the project was put on hold.

S: You’ve got Saber Rider scheduled to release on many, many platforms including consoles, iOS and traditional portable devices like the 3DS. How are you handling them all at once?

CS: The game is developed mostly cross platform with one engine. That way you can offer it on different consoles. Today it is very important to offer a Game to a broad audience otherwise it will fail. For most publishers it is very risky to invest in just one platform.

Our goal is to release the game in 2012, but in the end it’s up to the publisher, and we’re still in need of one. I have a presentation at the end of this month at the Quo Vadis in Berlin. This will be a very good opportunity because publishers, venture capital guys and also sponsors will be there.

Full interview here
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