Telltale discusses their role with original IP

A portion of a Siliconera interview with CEO Dan Connors...

S: What about original IP?

DC: The good thing about original IP is that, if we’re trying to do something interesting cross-platform, the fact that we can make up the rules of the world makes it a lot easier to do that. Like, if we could have an element of this game that was purely iPhone. We could create something in the world that would make that possible. Whereas, when you’re working with an existing license, if there are rules that you can’t have it, it can’t exist. So from an original property standpoint, you have more flexibility to tailor the story around the needs of what you want to innovate on.

So, I think in that area, we’re interested in something that would allow us to push the envelope from a multiplatform gameplay standpoint, but we’ve still got a lot of franchises available. One of Telltale’s values is that we can execute franchises. We have a long history with Star Wars, Indiana Jones, CSI, Sam & Max, Monkey [Island] and now Back to the Future. When we have an opportunity to work with someone like Bob Gale or Steve Purcell or Jeff Smith or the Chapman brothers with Homestar, that kind of adds to the company’s creative muscle.

I think there’s a negative “thing” about doing licenses, but we enjoy it because we’re bringing these creatives into our world and working with them.

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