Nintendo of Europe Wii U press event- live stream/blog

Live streaming by Ustream

Information will be added here below and updated as the presentation goes on:

-Two options: Basic and Premium
-Basic is White Wii U 8GB storage, white gamepad, HDMI cable
-Premium is Black 32 GB of storage, Nintendo Land software included
-Launches November 30th!
-Wii accessories will work with Wii U
-Starter accesory pack. Wii Remote Plus additonal set (Motion Plus controller, sensor bar, nunchuk)
-Wii U can show 720p and 1080 output
-No price right now. Check with retailer
-Moving on to software
Pikmin Adventure, Yoshi's Fruit Cart, Octopus Dance, revealed for Nintendo Land
Going over various modes in Metroid Blast and Zelda
-New Super Mario Bros. U launches November 30th!
-Challenge Mode confirmed, time attack, 1-Up challenge, Boost rush,
-Rayman Legends available November 30th!
-ZombiU confirmed at Wii U Launch! -
-You can leave messages via graffiti for your friends online with ZombiU
-When your friends become infected, their zombies will appear in your game!
-ZombiU limited Premium Black bundle was just confirmed for Launch Day.
-Mass Effect 3 available at launch!
-Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 confirmed!
-Bayonetta 2 confirmed as Wii Exclusive!
-Project P100 renamed The Wonderful 100
-Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate confirmed for Wii U.
-Launch Day games:
Fifa 13
Mass Effect 3
Nano Assault Hero
New Super Mario Bros. U
Nintendo Land
Rayman Legends
Trine 2
Toki Tori 2


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