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- Paper Mario: Sticker Star: Power-ups let you add more pages to your sticker booklet. Once you have more pages, you can carry stickers. Win battles for more coins or stickers. Buy stickers as well. Use battle spinner to get up to 3 stickers per turn. Battle spinner costs money. Use coins on secret doors and other stickers as well. Enemies take on different paper forms, such as cones and more. Jump on Koopa Troopas to kick them into other enemies. Collect real-world objects that transform into stickers. Paperize the world to use these stickers to fix environmental problems. Find the sticker museum to collect stickers.

- Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask goes back to Layton's High School days. Fight off the Masked Gentleman. More puzzles than ever before. 365 downloadable puzzles for free.

- Crosswords Plus extra puzzles free via SpotPass
- Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone has paid DLC. Two packs are available now. Working on 10 new lessons right now.
- Style Savvy: Trendsetters features management and puzzle elements. Run a store, choose an inventory and keep customers happy. Features online content. Second demo available Nov. 1st.
- NSMB2 leaderboards on official website. Two new DLC packs hitting states as well. Challenge Packs Gold Mushroom and B. Nintendo Treehouse speed run to be posted later today. DLC available today.
- Crashmo uses floating blocks, doors and move switches. Rotate the camera while playing. Due out Nov. 22nd.
- Fluidity: Spin Cycle - control water as you jump chasms, control pumps, fill buckets and more. Features a storybook setting that spans the ages. Dinosaur age, modern world and more. Race the clock to collect puzzle pieces, rainbow spirits and more. Move and place gears to complete puzzles. Due out Dec. 27th.
- Liberation Maiden available today. AeroPorter and Crimson Shroud due this year.
- Ikachan reconfirmed for release later this year
- Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC confirmed for the states.
- Animal Crossing gets 'New Leaf' subtitle. Play as the mayor. More customization. Pick landmarks, open new shops, decide hours of those shops. Choose what pants, shoes, socks and more to wear. Convert designs to QR codes. Decorate house with new furniture and art. Use custom designs to better refurbished items. New island that lets you win new items, swim and more.

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