Various devs discuss the highs and lows of Wii U

“From our perspective it's a great platform. Very straight forward to code for, the GamePad integrates seamlessly into the development environment and everything more or less does what it says on the tin. We've been using the Unreal Engine for Mass Effect 3, along with one or two other bits of middleware and for the most part they've played nicely together too.“ - Tom Crago, Straight Right

“It´s been a hell of a ride! I can't say it's easier or more difficult to develop on Wii U versus other platforms. It's just different. What was difficult was working on work-in-progress hardware, but Nintendo has been very helpful about that. I think the real strength of the Wii U, its large memory, has yet to be exploited.” - Guillaume Brunier, producer Ubisoft Montpellier

Check out the full interview here (thanks Justin!)
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