GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Are Wii U loading times bothering you?

Pretty sure I have a sinus infection. All the symptoms match up. Time for me to get a humidifier and kick this thing's ass! I'm tired of sounding like I'm talking with a bubble in my throat. The road to good health starts tomorrow! See you in a few, short hours.

I like to think that I'm a pretty patient, easy-going guy. I make it a point to not let things get to me. There's plenty to be legitimately upset about out there, but there are millions of other things that are just minor annoyances. I take them as they come, take a deep breath and move past them.

That applies to all areas in my life, so I guess it's part of my experience with the Wii U as well. Yes, I have noticed that the Wii U loading times aren't exactly the best. I'm aware that it may take 20 secs or more to get from one screen to another. I also understand that this is not optimal by any means.

Personally, this menu shift time doesn't really bug me that much. With that said, I do understand how it irks people. You want to sit down and play a game, not sit down and wait to shift through menus. Little frustrations like these can add up and quickly sour an overall experience, creating an invisible barrier for entry that's hard to break down.

I thought I'd ask you guys and gals about the loading times on Wii U. How much do you find them to be a bother? Do they really get your blood boiling, or is it simply something you'd like to see sped up a bit? Could you live with things if the speeds stayed as they are for the rest of the system's life? Leave a comment and fill us in.
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