Project M Demo 2.5 - updates detailed

- Added characters: Ivysaur, Squirtle, Zero Suit Samus, Diddy Kong
- New Ivysaur specials: Solar Beam/Synthesis (B), Seed Bomb (Down-B)
- New Squirtle special: Bubble (Down-B), trips the opponent
- Zero Suit's recovery is greatly improved, can dash out of firing Paralyzer
- Diddy Kong can spike out of Forward-B, projectiles given more knockback
- Crew Mode: Stocks set separately for each player, carry over after matches
- All controller lag present in Brawl and prior versions of Project M eliminated
- Japanese Kanji characters now usable in player tags
- Balance tweaks across the entire roster, new animations and moves
- ex: Wario's throws are like in Wario World, Sonic given Sliding Attack
- Team colors are easier to discern on character models
- Redesigned stage select screen: Press X to disable a stage, L/R to switch pages
- Audio fades automatically after 3 minutes of no activity
- Yoshi's Story and Fourside now match their Melee models
- Final Destination as well, in addition to a revamped sky background
- Engine Optimization: Ledge teching now possible, knockback system improved
- Input Assist option for new players

Projeect M Demo 2.5 is set to be made available at some point today. Thanks to Crispy for the heads up!

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Tags: wii, smash-bros


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