Adventure Time creator desperately wants to interview Charles Martinet

A portion of an EDGE interview with Adventure Time creator, Pendleton Ward...

E: Aren’t you trying to interview people in the game industry as well?

PW: I interviewed [Masaya Matsuura], the guy who created PaRappa The Rapper. I asked him stupid questions about putting clothes on animals and what he thought about that. I’m just trying to get at stories. I’m more fascinated by stories than data about the games. So I’m asking silly questions about them and what they believe. I do want to interview Charles Martinet [the voice of Mario] really badly. I want that to be my first published interview. Until I get that, I don’t want to post anything else.

E: Do you have any other dream interviews for your site?

PW: No, I just really want to interview Charles Martinet. [Laughs] From what I’ve heard he’s pretty accessible through Facebook and I just haven’t pushed hard enough, I don’t think. I’m gonna keep trying. I think I’ll get it done. I want to interview him really bad. I did a comic about him that I want to put up with the interview. It’s about what I imagine Charles Martinet’s powers to be. He gets pulled over by a cop and he goes, “It’s a-me! It’s a-Mario!” And the cop says, “Oh my God! You’re Charles Martinet! You’re Mario!” And he says, “That’s a-me!” And the cop says, “You’re free to go, Mr Martinet!”

Full interview here
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