The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct devs say don't judge the game on old footage

"It's old footage. That's the short answer of it. Hopefully what you saw today proves testament to that. It caught us off guard. It was a fan trailer cut together from another interview I had done. Hopefully you saw the differences between the two. The game looks incredible. It was old footage. It's what we had at the time. We've made big strides since then.

"That's the thing about a game. It's constantly evolving and getting better. Time is the ultimate enemy of any game. If everybody had four years and an infinite budget every game would probably be infinitely better than they are. But eventually you run out of time and the date gets cut off and you just have to make the game at that point." - Terminal Reality's Glenn Gamble

Let's hope this isn't just a bunch of BS. Obviously Activision knows they can cash in on the Walking Dead name. I just don't want to see that happen with this game.

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