Disney Infinity - another round of details

- 17 initial characters
- characters cost $13 a piece
- $75 “starter pack”
- only able to play characters within the levels based on their franchise
- buying new figurines will unlock entirely new levels
- Toybox mode lets all characters come together
- plans to sell “power discs” — RFID chips set in a small piece of plastic
- these can add new items into Toybox mode
- other discs will augment the game characters when you place them between the figure and the interface
- a disc with Wreck-It Ralph’s face on it will give that character more physical strength
- power discs will be sold in blind packages: $5 gets you two random discs
- developed by Avalanche
- playing through the various “playset” levels will let you unlock hundreds of new toys and parts to play with in ToyBox
- ToyBox lets you build obstacles, spawn enemies and even reposition the game’s camera
- invite friends to check out your creations online
- Disney will monitor content to see what will be allowed to share and what will be blocked
- on Wii U version: “Touch sensitivity, drag-and-drop, point-and-click is really powerful for the building modes.”
- hopes to add two-player split-screen play, with one player using the GamePad while another plays on the TV
- dev team only has a month left to get the Wii U version up to speed
- plans are in the works for Infinity 2

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