Today's Nintendo trolling comes courtesy of GameSpot

I have nothing against those that have different opinions from mine. As long as those opinions are backed by facts and well thought-out ideas, I am all for it. Unfortunately, I don't find that to be the case with GameSpot's latest Wii U feature. Check out how the article starts. Maybe I'm just reading it the wrong way.

Is Nintendo Trapped by Its Legacy? Tom Mc Shea explains why Nintendo's latest game announcements fail to muster much excitement.

What corner of the internet was Mr. Mc Shea looking at? Where did he see a lack of excitement? I felt the overall impression was that of excitement! Many were impressed with Nintendo's presentation for this Nintendo Direct.

What can be done with Mario Kart that we haven't seen before? Why should we trust Aonuma's claim that he's going to reinvent Zelda when he has failed to do so in every attempt thus far? Does a new Smash Bros. have much appeal beyond the requisite roster update?

Why wait to see if Nintendo will make good on their promises when we can just bash them at the start? Time to put down these announcements, especially the ones that haven't even had a single screen or specific detail attached to them. Why trust that Nintendo will make high quality experiences and evolve franchises? It's not like they've built up established, world-class brands that continue to garner year-topping review scores and big sales. Oh wait...

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