Skylanders Swap Force - more details

- due out this Fall
- Wii U and 3DS
- more than 50 figures
- swap parts of the figures
- 16 Swap Force figures that can be split at the waist
- the parts are connected by a magnet
- create 256 Swap Force characters by swapping parts
- example: take Magna Charge, a tech Skylander with a magnetic head and an energy blaster, and combine his base with Wash Buckler's upper body
- Wash Buckler is a pirate with squid tentacles who can fire a pistol, squirt squid ink and swing a cutlass
- Wash Buckler is stronger but slower than Magna Charge
- by combining the two parts, the new character can use strong attacks as well as Magna Charge's unicycle to take out a harder enemy
- Swap Zones which can only be reached by using a certain type of Swap Force character
- a volcanic eruption caused these Swap Force characters to be torn apart
- developed by Vicarious Visions
- N-Space are developing the 3DS version
- 16 new Skylanders, including Countdown and Roller Ball
- Countdown can can fire rockets from his arms
- Roller Brawl is an undead rollerblader who can perform a rolling headbut
- new versions of old Skylanders each have a new pose and boast a new Wow Pow upgrade power
- use your old Skylanders with the game, each of which now have the ability to jump skyward
- comes with a Starter Pack which includes two Swap Force figures, one regular Skylander, the all-new Portal Of Power, stickers, a poster and the game
- must have the new Portal Of Power - which lights up - to play Skylanders: Swap Force

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