Sonic Lost World - new Wii U/3DS details (connectivity between the two)

The following information comes from an IGN interview with Takashi Iizuka and SEGA brand manager Aaron Weber.

"Yes, we are aiming to get the players more excited and happy as they advance to each level – once clearing the previous level – by adding more variation to all the levels. This is not just about the variety and fun regarding the theme of a level, but also the shape and play style, which are unique in each." - Iizuka

"We have many features that are Wii U-specific. Normal control of Sonic remains the same using the analog stick and buttons, but the new color powers that appear in this title will use the GamePad. In the 'Cyan Laser' color power, which is in the E3 Demo, you control direction and launch timing with the GamePad. We are also implementing various color powers which will use the GamePad as well." - Iizuka

- Wii U Pro Controller can be used, but only in two-player modes
- Sonic Team is working on cooperative and competitive options
- Support Mode involves a player with the Wiimote controlling a "Radio Control Gadget" created by Tails
- this allows players to destroy enemies and obstacles
- local competitive mode split between the TV and GamePad
- mysterious "fun feature that will allow players to enjoy the game longer."
- development of Lost World began before Sonic Team knew about Wii U
- plans for Miiverse
- allows players to share undisclosed items through Miiverse
- 3DS version is "not a port from the Wii U version"
- 3DS version being made by Dimps
- features "totally new level design to match the screen size and hardware so players can enjoy both versions with a fresh feeling."
- 3DS will support up to four players locally or online for some sort of 'Versus Mode'
- portable and home console versions of the game will somehow be able to communicate with each other to share items

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