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Analysts discuss Wii U performance, Nintendo's cash stockpile, price cuts and more

by rawmeatcowboy
19 December 2013
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The following comments come from Eiji Sato, analyst at Toyo Securities...

- Nintendo needs "killer content" for the Wii U to turn
- Nintendo has 460 billion yen in cash ($4.4 billion) and is prepared to survive a bad sales year or two
- another Wii U price cut is possible

The following comes from Steve Boxer, a game reviewer for The Guardian...

- PS4 and XBox One leaves Nintendo in a "bad place in the console world"
- "If I was Nintendo, I would be thinking very hard about some means of damage limitation."
- Super Mario 3D World is a "very good game with classic Mario-type platform game action, but it doesn't feel like it's something new and fresh."

The following comes from Hirokazu Hamamura, president of Enterbrain...

- What has been happening to the Wii U is very similar to the Nintendo's experience with the 3DS
- strong software titles such as Mario Kart and Monster Hunter ensued and "3DS sales exploded"

The following comes from Tomoaki Kawasaki, senior analyst at IwaiCosmo Securities...

- "Nintendo should broaden its revenue stream in order to grow."
- it may be prudent to make content mobile while preserving Nintendo's style