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Japanese DS & DS Lite adapter recall - UPDATE

by rawmeatcowboy
15 December 2006
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Over in Japan, the Big N has put out a recall on 200,000 DS and DS Lite adapters. No other information has been released as of right now, but some clarification should come soon. I guess there’s some sort of malfunction or safetly hazard…the question is, what is it exactly?

UPDATE - It appears that the adapters could possibly overheat, which is why Nintendo wants to take care of them. The issue came from one production plant in particular. The recall is split between 80,000 DS adapters, and 120,000 DS Lite adapters. The DS adapters were sold from Jan-June 2006, and the DS Lite were sold from July-Oct 2006. Just incase we have any readers that own a Japanese DS or DS Lite, I have provided the image below. If your adapter says JRC, then you are entitled to a replacement.

ninten0j1 01